The Flash Adds 4400 Alum as New Speedster, Is Bringing Back [Spoiler]

The Flash Kausar Mohammed

Another speedster has raced onto The Flash: Kausar Mohammed (4400), who this Tuesday night debuted as Dr. Meena Dhawan, is set to recur on the CW series, our sister site Deadline reports.

Mohammed made her debut at the tail end of this week’s episode, in which the mysterious new Central City speedster Barry was investigating turned out to be Dr. Dhawan, a “genius” scientist whom he instantly recognized after The Flash cornered her and led her to unmask herself. Meena explained that her recently acquired superspeed was not “natural” like The Flash’s but attained using sodium nitrate cells (or something). The Flash happily offered to be a mentor to Dr. Dhawan, whose speedster persona will be “Fast Track.”

Speaking of speedsters….

A promo for next Wednesday’s antepenultimate episode revealed that Arrowverse alum Matt Letscher will return as some form of the OG Eobard Thawne, who apparently is Dr. Shaman’s esteemed associate.

Letscher last visited the Arrowverse during Legends of Tomorrow‘s final season, when Sara Lance encountered Eobard in 1914 at the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. (Eobard explained to her that the Time Wraiths had stripped him of his powers and assigned him to protect a fixed point in history.)

Check out the promo below, then hit the comments with your theories!