Manifest Season 4: Watch a Sneak Peek From Time-Jumping Final Season

Now playing in the main cabin… a first sneak peek from Manifest‘s fourth and final season, which will begin streaming later this year on Netflix.

The sneak peek — in which Melissa Roxburgh’s Michaela Stone makes a frightful discovery inside a cargo container (ugh, cargo containers, amirite?!) — was released on Monday as part of Netflix’s Geeked Week promotional event, where it was also officially confirmed that the 20-episode farewell run will be released in two batches of 10.

And per the tail end of the sneak peek above, those first 10 are coming… “soon.”

The sneak peek was introduced by series star Josh Dallas, who directed one of the final season’s episodes and who recently revealed that Season 4 opens with a two-year time jump.

News of Manifest being “saved” by Netflix came back on Aug. 28 (aka “8/28,” and at 8:28 am PT, natch) — more than 10 weeks after NBC grounded the supernatural-tinged family drama.

Among the twists that fans were left to process at the close of Manifest‘s double-episode Season 3 finale: Recently discovered 828er Angelina fatally stabbed Stone family matriarch Grace in the course of kidnapping her “guardian angel” baby Eden; young Cal vanished into thin air upon touching the tail fin at the Eureka lab, then later reappeared at home… a full five years older; Captain Daly materialized inside the 828 cockpit at Eureka, moments before the entire plane disappeared with a flash of light; and Michaela and Zeke looked to be on the verge of a break-up talk.

Throughout its “limbo” stage, Manifest stayed airborne in the pop culture conversation — by ascending and topping the Nielsen streaming charts, and also by claiming the No. 1 spot on Netflix’s popularity poll for a near-record 27 straight days. It was after the latter feat that rumblings grew louder that a beyond-last-minute save was in the works.

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