Was The Rookie Twist Two Convoluted? Did Good Doc Trigger ER PTSD? Should Archie Bust More Moves? And More Qs!

The Rookie

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including The Rookie, Riverdale, The Good Doctor and Who Killed Sara?

Riverdale1 | After seeing these incredible moves from Riverdale‘s Archie, are you kinda wishing he would dance more in the musical episodes?

2 | Why would Family Guy‘s Brian tell Stewie that a baby can’t get pregnant when he knows darn well that Stewie already gave birth to no less than seven human-puppy hybrids back in 2015?

3 | Did you think you had missed an NCIS: Los Angeles episode when Katya began rambling about how she and Anna had been lovers, and that was the root of her deep-fake vendetta with Callen??

4 | Regarding The Equalizer‘s Season 2 finale, do you wish shows would stop using T-bone car crashes (aka Michael Vaughnings) to create drama for cliffhangers?

5 | Could The Rookie have chosen a more convoluted way to have “Chenford” kiss than to establish that a drug dealer, and later his girlfriend, happened to be exact lookalikes  — we repeat, exact lookalikes — for Tim and Lucy, who then had to “rehearse” for going undercover?

6 | Does NBC realize that Young Rock will now be up against the WWE’s SmackDown on Fridays…?

7 | Wrestling fans, what do you make of Sasha Banks and Naomi walking out on WWE Raw? Do you see them heading over to AEW?

8 | Has there ever been product placement as clunky and overt as All American: Homecoming‘s shoutout to Spotify Blend playlists? Also, how many of you caught that nod to Drumline from President Allen (played by Leonard Roberts, who co-starred in the 2002 film)?

9 | Where do NCIS: Hawai’i‘s Jane and Joe now rank among TV’s Current Sexiest Couples? And how refreshing was it that the secret he kept didn’t lead to some soapy breakup?

10 | Did The Good Doctor‘s stabby-stabby cliffhanger trigger anyone else’s ER PTSD?

Better Call Saul11 | Did you think that Better Call Saul‘s Rhea Seehorn was playing Kim’s mom in this week’s opening flashback, because the resemblance was so uncanny? (It was actually Beth Hoyt, who also played Kim’s mom in a Season 5 flashback.)

12 | Given all that happened this week on This Is Us, do you think the actual finale — beyond the expected funeral — will be a series of Dan Fogelman rug pulls, or simply flash forwards to what happened to everyone? Of all the Easter eggs in the penultimate hour, was Adult Randall doing pushups with Young Randall on his back the sweetest of all? And did we blink and miss her, or was Teenage Kate the only one of the Big 3’s younger counterparts not aboard the train?

Chicago Med13 | Is this really the best Chicago Med could do on this photoshop job of Ethan’s dad?

14 | If the title and conceit of the show is Who Killed Sara?, shouldn’t the title character be dead?

15 | Would The Flash have us believe that Barry did not realize that his wife had not come home/had not been in bed all night long?

16 | Would you say The Goldbergs’ CGI has gotten better or worse since Erica’s wedding?The Goldbergs

17 | Is this the first time, in over 300 episodes between Roseanne and The Conners, that we’ve seen the fourth wall? And did the Powers That Be not think we’d notice that Ben’s mom Barb (played in Season 3 by Candice Bergen) wasn’t in attendance for his wedding?

The Conners

18 | Now that Survivor‘s Maryanne can take credit for knocking out one of the season’s biggest threats, does she have a convincing enough argument to win the game? And were you surprised that zero immunity idols were played at the Final 6 Tribal?

Evil Ted Lasso19 | Is Evil doing Biscuits with the Boss?

20 | Did Station 19 pass up a chance for a lot of conflict by having Travis break up with Emmett before deciding to run for mayor against his father?

21 | Grey’s Anatomy fans, knowing that Grey Sloan is full of capable surgeons, would Meredith really turn around on her way out the door to miss her dinner party by treating a patient being wheeled into the ER? Did she feel like all the hotshots were already at her house, or what?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!