Chicago P.D.'s LaRoyce Hawkins and Patrick John Flueger Talk Voight/Anna Dilemma, 'Interesting Twist' in Finale

Jason Beghe in Chicago P.D.

With Chicago P.D.‘s Intelligence team closing in on drug kingpin Javier Escano, this Wednesday’s episode (NBC, 10/9c) finds Voight and his criminal informant Anna toeing a delicate line. Anna has been deep undercover gathering intel, and Voight’s lies to keep her on track have only exacerbated the deterioration of their trust.

It’s a precarious situation that, according to cast member LaRoyce Hawkins, will show viewers a new side of Voight.

“I think we’re going to see Voight like we haven’t seen him in a while,” the actor, who plays Atwater, tells TVLine. “We’ve seen Voight defend, protect and invest his energy within the people that he loves. I’m not sure if the unit expected Voight to connect with Anna or this case as much as he did, so we’ll watch Voight make peculiar choices compared to what we know him to do consistently.”

This raises the stakes for the rest of the team because it “puts us in a position to have to step up, locking in on our roles within the unit even tighter,” Hawkins adds.

Patrick John Flueger, who plays Ruzek, notes that Voight’s handling of the Javier case leaves the rest of the team out of the loop, especially since the others don’t have a strong connection to Anna. “Everything that’s going on with [Anna], this father-daughter relationship, that’s between them,” Flueger says. “We just have to go with what he says, what his orders are [and] what his plan is because he’s the sergeant. He’s our fearless leader, but not so fearless [and] not so sure in these last two episodes.”

Meanwhile, the others in the unit — including Ruzek, Atwater and Burgess — have their “nose to the ground [and are] ready to do the job. They don’t have the emotional connection to Anna. Their connection to the case is just that this is the longest case they’ve worked in the nine years we’ve been on the air. This could be a big bust.”

For Flueger, the situation is similar to what went down with Upton and Halstead earlier this season during the Roy investigation. “The two of them navigating that, and the parallels to what’s happening now with Voight and Anna — Voight keeps us all in the dark as much as he can.”

Hawkins does shed some light, though, on next week’s Season 9 finale, saying that fans can expect “the action that we’re used to when it comes to these finales, but with an interesting twist on it.”

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