SVU Recap: Stabler Finally Met Benson's Son, Noah — How'd It Go?


The two most important men in Olivia Benson’s life officially met in Thursday’s Law & Order: SVU.

Benson’s son, Noah, was introduced to her former police department partner, Elliot Stabler, for the first time after Mother’s Day brunch.

Noah gave his mom a collage of photos of the two of them together, a gift that brought her to happy tears. And after they left the restaurant, they ran into Stabler, holding a bouquet of flowers, on the street. “Happy Mother’s Day. You look great,” he told Olivia. He said he and the kids were headed to the cemetery, then they were going to have lunch with Bernie. But the pleasant interaction was interrupted when Olivia got an alert that a little girl with leukemia had been kidnapped — and that sick little girl was the daughter of Officer Jessie Santos, one of Frank Donnelly’s gang, The Brotherhood. Cue up Organized Crime, because THIS IS A CROSSOVER! (Read a recap of the Organized Crime episode here. And if you don’t remember seeing the scene in the episode, this might be why.)

In case you’re here for the case of the week, here are the details: When a school reported a 14-year-old girl that had gone missing, her parents assured Benson’s unit that she was merely away for a short time with a pastor they knew. But of COURSE that wasn’t what was actually going on. The “pastor” in question had a history of grooming young girls by getting involved with their mothers, and in due course, it came out that the girl’s mother (played by Gracepoint‘s Virginia Kull) had fallen in love with the pastor, as well.

Benson & Co. tracked the pastor and the girl to a remote cabin and arrested him… but she insisted that their being together was God’s will, and she resisted going with the police. And during his arraignment, it came out that the girl’s father (played by Grimm‘s Reggie Lee) had also had intimate encounters with the pastor. Benson realized that the pastor had done so with each parent so he’d have dirt on them in a situation such as the one that had arisen.

The pastor was released on bail, and not long after, the 14-year-old slipped away from her family to meet him and exchange vows. When the SVU interrupted the ceremony, she cried out that she was “carrying God’s baby!” Through some sneaky work on her parents’ part — thanks to an idea from Benson — Beth consents to a pregnancy test that confirms the pastor is the father… which is grounds for a Rape II charge. And that’s that!

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