Does Heartstopper Demand Renewal? Should Survivor Snuff Shot in Dark? Is Endgame's Russian Rough? More Qs!

Heartstopper Renewal Status

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Heartstopper, Barry, Sanditon and Superman & Lois!

Heartstopper1 | Does Heartstopper‘s Kit Connor give you young Rick Astley vibes, or is it just us? Are any of Nick’s classmates going to be surprised when he comes out to them in a potential Season 2, considering that he walked off the field in the middle of the rugby game holding hands with Charlie? Doesn’t the unfinished business between Tao and Elle demand that we get a Season 2? (And if there is one, are you also hoping to meet Elle’s parents?)

2 | Did Charlotte’s Sanditon cliffhanger anger you or make you want to count the days until Season 3 starts?

3 | Is it #TooSoon to speculate that S.W.A.T.‘s Hicks ends up with his buddy’s widow?

4 | Was Gabby Barrett perhaps American Idol‘s most useful mentor since the show was revived? Can the judges make some room at their dais to add her permanently?

5 | On Barry, were you surprised — or not actually all that surprised — about the big twist in Hank’s personal life? Which network do you think is airing Sally’s new TV show? (The CW? Or Freeform, maybe?) And what do you think Barry’s great idea is to make things right with Gene Cousineau?

6 | From TVLine reader Drew: Why was Gaslit‘s Martha eating oatmeal with a fork?

The Endgame - Season 17 | Did anyone keep track of how many times The Endgame said “matryoshka” during this week’s episode? (And not once was it pronounced correctly!)

8 | Based on your familiarity with The Wire (which went off the air 14 years ago), how do the Baltimore accents on We Own This City stack up?

9 | How long into The Girl From Plainville‘s “Teenage Dirtbag” performance did you start thinking, “OK, this is a dream sequence, right?”

Superman and Lois10 | What was with all the hair in Superman & Lois‘ bizarro world? Does Square Earth not have barbers? (And how did Anderson’s military cut sprout into a small mop as he traveled through the portal?) Also, could Bizarro Jonathan’s handler have looked any more like an Effie Trinket wannabe?

11 | Why wouldn’t The Resident‘s Leela simply have asked those annoying doctors to leave when they interrupted her pre-surgery nap, instead of just rolling her eyes at them? And in what world would AJ have let her join an important operation when she was so clearly sleep-deprived?

12 | Did it seem odd that New Amsterdam‘s Lyn, an OB-GYN, was performing a lung embolectomy on Helen?

This Is Us13 | Dear This Is Us prop master: Why not simply “One Day Until The Big Day”? And as much as we love an “unclaimed dry cleaning fashion show,” might Madison… or Cassidy… or Beth… or (off-camera) Deja… or Rebecca… have packed an outfit that Sophie could borrow?

14 | Who else couldn’t help but titter when Deathstorm’s big, ominous speech to The Flash‘s Caitlin led to him saying he aimed to make her his “bride”? Also, what’s up with Allegra and her job at the Citizen? Does she still show up for work (especially while Iris is indisposed), or…?

15 | Should Survivor ditch the Shot in the Dark for Season 43? Would it really have been fair if Lindsay had been sent home had Tori’s Shot in the Dark saved her? Why allow Tori to use her Shot having all of the information revealed to her, but not give Lindsay that same chance? And tell us: How much did you absolutely cringe when Jonathan called Drea, a Black woman, “aggressive” on national television?

16 | Considering her stealthy side hustle, shouldn’t The Flight Attendant‘s Cassie — she of the jarring, telltale “Two of Hearts” ringtone — switch her phone to silent or at least vibrate mode?

17 | Did The Offer‘s premiere really need to include multiple scenes and lines lifted straight from The Godfather, as if they happened to the people actually making the movie? And has anyone ever had a more ridiculously swift ascent through the Hollywood ranks than Al Ruddy?

18 | Is Young Sheldon currently TV’s best (and most unlikely) soap opera?

19 | Toward the end of Bull, did we see that bartender reach under the counter and magically produce a cup of hot coffee for Danny?

20 | So, how is The Walking Dead‘s Daryl (but apparently not Carol) getting himself to Europe…?

21 | On Outer Range, who is the mystery person Autumn is talking to on the phone? Are there other people out there who know about the presumed powers of the void? And what’s your best guess as to why Autumn carved the strange symbol into her skin?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!