Handmaid's Tale's Elisabeth Moss Calls Upcoming Season 5 'One of the Wilder Rides We've Had' — Watch Video

Sounds like Handmaid’s Tale viewers are going to get an under-His-eyeful when the Hulu series returns for Season 5.

“I will say that the season itself is possibly one of the wilder rides that we’ve had,” series star Elisabeth Moss tells TVLine in the video above. She gave us the Gilead update during a press event for her forthcoming Apple TV+ thriller Shining Girls; we’ll have a bunch more about that eerie, twisty, hard-to-talk-about-without-spoiling series when it premieres on Friday, April 29.

“We’ve definitely had some seasons [where], you know, a lot happens. Some seasons, not as much happens,” Moss says.

“I almost can’t keep up with” what happens in the upcoming episodes, she adds, laughing, “and it’s not lip service. I truly mean I almost can’t keep up with the amount of activity that’s happening.”

In the Season 4 finale, Moss’ June lured Commander Waterford, aka her rapist, into the demilitarized zone between Gilead and Canada. Then she and a group of her fellow former handmaids chased him through the woods and killed him. June returned home only to say goodbye to her husband and baby daughter; at a detention center, Serena opened a mysterious package and found Joe’s finger and wedding ring inside. (Read a full recap.)

Hulu has not yet released a premiere date for The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5. We do know that Christine Ko (Dave) has joined the cast in the recurring role of Lily, a Gilead refugee-turned-resistance-leader in Canada; and that Moss — as she tells in the clip above — will direct two episodes.

Press PLAY on the video at the top of the post to hear more about Handmaid’s Tale Season 5, then hit the comments: What are you hoping will go down when the dystopian drama returns?