The Flash's Danielle Nicolet Teases Deathstorm Endgame Reveals, Cecile's Latest 'Horror Movie' Role

Flash Deathstorm

Team Flash is in a bad way this week, now that Not!Ronnie has revealed himself to be Deathstorm, and all as time-sick Iris is randomly vanishing/reappearing.

“Team Flash is on edge,” reports Danielle Nicolet, who plays Cecile. As seen in this Wednesday’s episode of the veteran Arrowverse series (airing at 8/7c on The CW), “Everybody’s being haunted by ‘the ghosts of grief Christmases past,” she adds. “It’s rough at S.T.A.R. Labs right about now.”

It’s perhaps hardest out there for an empath like Cecile, whose metahuman powers allow/sometimes force her to feel every nearby emotion. What’s more, her role as a veritable barometer for human emotion makes her of special interest to Deathstorm, who feeds on grief.

“We discover over this stretch of time that the reason why Cecile is the only one who didn’t get attacked by her own ‘grief monsters’ is because she’s the conduit for all of it,” Nicolet notes. “And as the story progresses, that’s all going to someplace very big. By the time we get to this three-part [storyline’s] finale, it’s going to come together into a massive level-up.”

In the meantime, Nicolet very happily found herself at the heart of this week’s frightful hour, during which Cecile volunteers to “channel” Deathstorm (akin to what she did with Despero during this season’s five-part “Armageddon” event).

“I am a totally insane horror-movie fan — I’ve seen every horror movie ever made, which is something that showrunner Eric Wallace and I have in common,” the actress shares, “so I always know that when a storyline will have a horror movie element to it, I’m going to get to do all sorts of fun stuff. Eric knows that I’ll be down for whatever, as long as I get to feel like I’m in a scary movie!”

By the time Deathstorm has said his peace via Cecile as well as to Caitlin herself, “We are absolutely going to find out what he wants, why he hasn’t been harming Caitlin much, and who he really is in the grander scheme of things,” Nicolet previews.

The sum total of those bombshells will create “a bit of a fault line in Team Flash, with us all figuring out what to do about him, because the team isn’t necessarily on the same page after this week,” says Nicolet. “We need to figure out how to work together when we don’t all agree.”

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