Tyler Perry's Sistas: BET Moves Up Season 4B Premiere Date Four Weeks

Sistas, Hayden and Fatima exclusive

The outcome of Fatima’s bat attack against Hayden and Gary will be revealed a lot sooner, because the second half of Tyler Perry’s Sistas Season 4 has a new return date.

The updated premiere is June 1, which is four weeks earlier than the previously announced June 29 date. BET has confirmed the date, which at one point was announced on social media as July 6 and readjusted after fans complained. A spokesperson for the cabler said the scheduling switch was made to “accommodate another project that has been added to the schedule and will be announced in the coming days.”

For fans who need a refresher, the first half of Sistas Season 4 ended in mid-March with Fatima breaking the windows out of Hayden’s car. (Read our full recap here.) The love of Zac’s life also chased Hayden into his house where she discovered he had been making evil plans with Gary. If the exclusive photo above is any indication, Fatima’s attack could make her life a lot harder.

Meanwhile, Gary begged Andi to give him another chance, Robin was coming back to Atlanta to stay at Andi’s new place, and Zac was still at the jail waiting to get back his cellphone.

As for Karen, she still hadn’t gone to the doctor to find out more about her pregnancy, even though Aaron scheduled an appointment for her. When the doctor’s appointment does finally happen, we’ll learn if Zac is the father of Karen’s baby or if it is Aaron — or if she is pregnant at all.

“Zatima” faced additional challenges because Zac wasn’t able to tell Fatima why he was arrested face-to-face. With any luck, Season 4B will reveal more information about the mysterious Heather and the baby she claims Zac fathered, as well as if Hayden helped orchestrate the drama.

Danni and Preston were still apart, as were Sabrina and Calvin (now that Sabrina has started dating Bayo). Maurice let Que sleep on his couch, but the new promo suggests that arrangement will be short-lived.

Are you excited about the Season 4B premiere of Sistas now that it’s happening sooner? Drop your thoughts in the comments.