Tyler Perry's Sistas Recap: 'Zatima' Is Still Apart — Plus, Grade It!

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There was a lot of inaction in Season 4’s midseason finale of Tyler Perry’s Sistas. But the only thing fans wanted — and never received — was seeing Fatima and Zac, aka “Zatima,” get back together again.

The road to reconciliation, which apparently isn’t happening until the show returns on June 29, was far from easy on this week’s installment of the addictive BET drama. First, Zac had to get out of jail. Jake paid his bail, but the cops claimed they lost Zac’s phone, so he stuck around to retrieve it. He was going to use Jake’s phone to call Fatima and then changed his mind because Fatima doesn’t answer her phone if it’s a caller she doesn’t recognize.

While waiting, Zac told Jake he would pay him back right away but didn’t want to become a client at his investment firm because Gary is shady. Jake tried defending Gary, but Zac didn’t want to hear all that. All Zac wanted to do was be by Fatima’s side, and he promised to tell her everything about the exaggerated back child support charges. Jake wondered how Fatima would react, but Zac felt like honesty would be the best and only tack to take.

Too bad Fatima was still in the dark as she drove to Hayden’s place and smashed the windows out his car. Hayden ran out to stop her, but she chased him away with her bat into his house and realized Gary was inside. Now she’s going to discover the two are working in cahoots, but to what extent?

Sistas, Fatima, Gary and HaydenOver at Andi’s penthouse, Karen popped up and popped off about Zac being in trouble and worrying about what kind of father he would be if he’s always in jail or in trouble. Andi had to remind her bestie to slow down about all of that because she hasn’t even gone to the doctor yet and doesn’t know who the father of her unborn baby is.

When Andi’s phone rang, the doorman informed her Gary was there, and she asked for him to be sent up. Karen hates Gary, so she grabbed her purse and headed for the exit. Gary greeted Karen, but she refused to acknowledge him. After Karen left, Gary told Andi she looked great and tried to kiss her, but she turned away. Andi told Gary she loved the place but had to let him know Robin was coming to town and would be staying with her at the penthouse.

Gary claimed not to care about Robin’s arrival and added that because it is her place, he couldn’t stop her. He also admitted to being tired of the games and is willing to do whatever he has to do to get her back. By the time Gary’s eyes filled with tears, Andi didn’t seem to know what to do or how to react. Gary said he was tired of the bulls–t and begged Andi to let him show her he could be a better man for her.

Sistas, Andi and GaryAndi argued Gary had tried before, but her ex-fiancé said he was different now and would try harder this time. She stuck to her guns for the most part and added that Robin’s week-long stay would let her know how Gary really felt about her.  Gary, who confessed to being jealous, declared that Robin doesn’t know Andi like he does and he would stick around to prove it. After it was all said and done, the two had a takeout dinner Andi had ordered for them.

Karen ended up going over Danni’s house and telling her other bestie she was still having a hard time letting go of Zac. She said despite Zac causing so much trouble in her life, she couldn’t get him out of her system. Danni tried encouraging Karen by saying the three years the former couple shared was a considerable amount of time and Karen had never before been in a romantic relationship that long.

When Karen declared her red-hot hate for Fatima, Danni reminded Karen of all the times Zac cheated on her and added that he had moved on. She said Zac loved Fatima, and whatever Fatima did to better him was working. Danni also tried to comfort Karen by saying sometimes people just aren’t right for one another and implored her friend to relinquish her feelings for Zac because her attempts to win him back were desperate and embarrassing.

Sistas, Sabrina and BayouEarlier in the installment, Calvin crashed Sabrina’s date with Bayo after receiving a text cancelling their date. The only problem was Sabrina didn’t text Calvin; Danni the busybody did. Calvin acted wild and confrontational, and when Bayo got tired of his antics, he asked him to leave and explained that he owned the restaurant.

A dejected Calvin took off, and Sabrina was going to leave too, but Bayo asked her to stay and finish her date, so she did. They drank wine and had dessert, and as Sabrina prepared to leave, Bayo asked her to keep the night going by going dancing with him. He said he was drawn to her and felt like they had met in another life. Sabrina questioned his logic; however, she did agree that she had been ignoring her desire for a better romantic relationship.

Bayo kept sweet-talking Sabrina, and she decided to go dancing after all. She promised to give Bayo her car keys so his friend could drive her car to her place, and off they went because the attractive and wealthy African man promised to treat her like the princess she is.

What did you think of the Sistas midseason finale, and did all that build-up pay off? Grade the Season 4A closer in our poll, and drop your thoughts in the comments.  

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