Moon Knight Teases Marc Spector's Dark Secret in Episode 3 — Grade It!

Moon Knight Episode 3

Steven (and Marc) and Layla’s Egyptian excursion takes a troubling turn — several, actually — in Episode 3 of Marvel’s Moon Knight.

In fact, before the action even begins, we learn that it’s been a while since Layla has visited her home city of Cairo, where her archeologist father suffered a tragic fate some time ago. (Wait a minute, didn’t something unfortunate go down between Marc and an archaeologist? More on that later.)

While the scarab leads Arthur and his peeps to Amit’s tomb, Steven finds it even more difficult than he expected to locate his new nemesis. We’re talking roof-top knife fights, several more blackouts, and a truly disturbing moment where a man cuts himself loose and falls to his death rather than squeal on Arthur. In case it wasn’t already clear, Amit’s followers are stupid loyal.

Increasingly desperate and seemingly out of options, Marc asks Khonshu why the other gods aren’t getting involved in Amit-gate. Khonshu explains that it isn’t worth risking their wrath (being encased in stone doesn’t sound super fun), but he ultimately sends them a signal by temporarily blocking out the sun. Think of it like a Bat-Signal for the gods of Ancient Egypt. No big.

The gods’ avatars assemble for a meeting in the Great Pyramid of Giza (again, no big!), where Khonshu calls for judgment against Arthur for conspiring to wake Amit. Unfortunately, Arthur shows up to defend himself and manages to flip the script, using Steven/Marc’s identity disorder to label him “clearly insane” and suggests that Khonshu is taking advantage of him the same way he previously abused Arthur.

Upon declaring that Arthur has committed no clear offense, the avatars release him — but the case is far from closed. Per a tip from one of the more helpful avatars, it’s off to the black market to track down a magi’s stolen sarcophagus containing a map to Amit’s tomb.

Layla takes Marc to meet notorious “collector” Anton Mogart, played by the late Gaspard Ulliel, who becomes suspicious when Marc seems not to know very much about the sarcophagus. (Of all the times for Steven not to be in control!) The situation becomes even dicier when Arthur shows up, offering the scarab in exchange for the sarcophagus. He also reads Layla and Marc for filth, saying that she’s still wounded by her father’s murder and that Marc is concealing the truth from her because she’ll deem him unworthy of love.

And just like that, it’s go time. Marc transforms into Moon Knight, allowing him and Layla to escape their captors. Mr. Knight also makes another appearance during the scuffle when Steven temporarily takes over, but his return is short-lived; Steven gives the reins back to Marc after getting stabbed.

As soon as things calm down (relatively speaking), Layla presses Marc to explain what Arthur was saying about her father. He swears there’s nothing to tell, but it doesn’t take an ace Marvel detective like Jessica Jones to figure out that Marc at least knows something about Layla’s father’s death that he isn’t saying — assuming he wasn’t also directly involved in the tragedy.

Turning back to the mission at hand, Marc passes his body back to Steven, who deciphers a star map he swiped from the sarcophagus. The catch? The stars have shifted quite a bit since the night the map was created. Khonshu offers to turn back the night sky (again, absolutely no big deal whatsoever!), but he warns that it could come at a cost. “Steven, when the gods imprison me, tell Marc to free me,” the god tells him before they work together to reverse the stars.

Layla manages to piece together the coordinates in time, but just as Khonshu anticipated, the gods indeed imprison him, tethering him to the pyramid. And if you think Arthur isn’t going to take the opportunity to revel in Khonshu’s setback, you’re wrong.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Arthur whispers. “I enjoyed dealing out pain on your behalf. That is greatest sin I carry. … I am grateful. Had you not broken me so completely, I might never have known the value of healing. I’m going to do what you could not. When it’s finished, I want you to remember one thing: I owe my victory to you.”

Moon Knight fans, we’ve officially crossed the season’s halfway point, so let’s talk: What are your thoughts on Episode 3 and beyond? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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