Severance Star Promises a 'Beautifully Constructed' and 'Dynamic' Finale

Severance Renewed Season 2 Apple TV Plus

Their Macrodata Refinement Department’s work is mysterious and important, but what is about to happen to its employees promises to be even more so, as Apple TV+’s newly renewed Severance serves up its freshman finale on Friday.

When last we tuned in, the MRD’s Mark, Helly, Irving and Dylan (played by Adam Scott, Britt Lower, John Turturro and Zach Cherry) plotted to exploit the recently discovered “overtime contingency” protocol by having Dylan activate it whilst the others are outside of the office, in their “Outie” personas.

But just as Dylan contorned his poor self to reach both switches in the control room and trigger said “overtime contingency”… Episode 8 cut to black, leaving viewers to wonder what happens next.

What we do know is that Mark is currently with several others, including “Mrs. Selvig” aka Mrs. Cobell (Patricia Arquette), at his sister Devon’s house, about to listen to a reading of brother-in-law Ricken’s latest self-help tome (groan); Irving is alone at home, starting his latest painting of something that, unbeknownst to his Outie, looks like that one ominous hallway at work.

But what is Helly up to? We’re a lot more in the dark on that front. And Britt Lower, who plays MRD’s newest data refiner, is loathe to tease anything more ahead of the finale.

As briefly glimpsed at the close of Episode 8, “We’ve never seen her in dangling earrings before, so…. That’s all I’ve got for you!” she said with a laugh.

Lower (rhymes with flower) was more forthcoming, and enthusiastically so, when talking up the finale as a whole.

“I remember reading the script and feeling like I couldn’t read it fast enough, I was so hungry for every detail that [series creator] Dan [Erickson] lays out in this episode,” she recalled.

“It is so beautifully constructed; the pacing of it is dynamic; and you really feel like you’re in each of the character’s perspectives,” Lower added. “And that is really satisfying, to finally see what these characters’ lives are like on the outside.”

Regarding the Season 2 renewal announced earlier this week, Lower celebrated in a way that would make Helly — and perhaps more so Milchick! — proud.

“I called my two best girlfriends, and then I started playing a lot of great music and dancing around,” she said. “I had my own Music Dance Experience!”

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