Fox News' Benjamin Hall, Injured in Ukraine Attack That Killed Two Crew Members, Shares Update: 'All in All, I Feel Damn Lucky to Be Here'

Benjamin Hall Fox News Ukraine

Benjamin Hall, the Fox News Channel reporter who was injured last month while newsgathering outside of Kyiv in Ukraine, has shared an update on his condition. And while he lost a foot, half a leg and the use of one eye, “All in all I feel pretty damn lucky to be here,” he said.

Pierre Zakrzewski, the cameraman who was with Hall when their vehicle was struck by incoming fire on March 14, wound up dying from his injuries. Oleksandra “Sasha” Kuvshynova, a freelance journalist who was serving as a consultant for Fox News and who was with Hall and Zakrzewski during the attack, also died following the attack.

Summing up his own status this Thursday evening, Hall shared on Twitter (with the photo below), “I’ve lost half a leg on one side and a foot on the other. One hand is being put together, one eye is no longer working, and my hearing is pretty blown… but all in all I feel pretty damn lucky to be here — and it is the people who got me here who are amazing!”

Per his official bio at FoxNews.com, Hall is a State Department correspondent based in Washington, D.C. He joined FNC in 2015. Before taking the State Department beat, he was a foreign correspondent stationed in London. His career includes stints embedded with combatants in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Haiti, Iran and Somalia.