SNL Video: Pete Davidson, Simon Rex Sing the Praises of Short Movies

Got a short attention span? Yup, us too! Here’s a Saturday Night Live sketch that’ll brighten your day in under three minutes with “Short-Ass Movies.”

One of the best things about SNL the past couple of years has been the way it’s taken things a lot of the weird things the pandemic has made us done — the things we’re certain other people would find repulsive — and shows us that everyone else is doing it, too. Pete Davidson lets us all know it’s OK that our attention spans are shot and none of us can concentrate for a long-ass movie.

Davidson rails against the 3 hour, 47 minute Once Upon a Time in America (even the shorter, U.S. version is almost 2:20), The Batman (2:56 – nearly twice the run time of the Batman movie from 1966), and Michael Mann’s Heat (it does have De Niro and Pacino, but it’s also 2 hours, 50 minutes).

Chris Redd guests on the track, as does this week’s musical guest, Gunna. Simon Rex, aka his rapper alter ego Dirt Nasty, also makes an appearance, rattling off (almost) every Jim Varney Ernest movie. He also calls out Davidson for his own movie, The King of Staten Island, which is more than a half-hour longer than the hour-forty run time the song exalts.

The irony, of course, is that SNL is a 90-minute show — which is basically a feature-length movie. Way too long to be watching sketch comedy.

Elsewhere in the episode, host Jerrod Carmichael took on the Oscars slap heard ’round the world, and later, the series parodied the Will Smith/Chris Rock debacle with a seat filler sketch.

Press PLAY above for an ode to short movies, then grade the episode and drop your thoughts on this week’s SNL in the comments.

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