Drag Race Recap: This Season's Roast Proves 'Tutu Much' for a Pair of Queens

Drag Race Recap

Ross Mathews may have been on the menu at Friday’s Drag Race roast, but he isn’t the only queen who got burned.

Given the abomination that was this season’s Snatch Game, I wasn’t expecting much from this week’s roast — and even those expectations were barely met. But lest I come off as too much of a Negative Nancy, I’ll start by paying some c…comp…compliments. Damn, I could barely get that word out.

Bosco kicked things off with two of my favorite jokes of the evening, first telling RuPaul, “You are so old, when you say you’re vers, you mean you’re both hunter and gatherer,” then clarifying that “Ross is not a top, he’s a blouse.” I also appreciated a few of Angeria Paris VanMichael’s zingers, especially when she referred to guest judge Dulcé Sloan as the diet version of Lizzo. (“How are you feeling, OK as hell?” Excellent delivery.)

As for the rest of the queens, it’s fair to say that it was a bust across the board, even if I found myself strangely amused by Lady Camden’s running gag about speaking into Mathews’ butt hole, and even if I appreciated Jorgeous comparing Camden to The Fairly OddParents‘ Crimson Chin.

Oh, and how could I forget this week’s “Paint My Face” mini challenge, arguably one of the best in a long time? Watching the queens (especially li’l Jorgeous) using those giant paintbrushes to beat Ru and Dolly Parton’s mugs was surprisingly entertaining. (But that nose on Ru? Cursed!)

The queens were given a chance to redeem themselves in this week’s “Tutu Much” runway category, and some definitely did. Willow, for example, wowed as a big-lipped opera queen, while Camden dropped jaws by serving bejeweled dancer realness.

But it was Bosco’s bloody, buzzsaw ballerina — the perfect combination of glamour and gore — that really stole the show. That, coupled with her impressive performance in the roast, earned Bosco her third win of the season. Not too shabby for a queen who almost went home two weeks in a row.

I can’t say I was surprised by any of this week’s bottom queens: Jorgeous, who attempted to pass off a basic blue dress and leather jacket as “lesbian biker realness”; Daya Betty, who defied gravity in 11-inch platform heels; and DeJa Skye, who looked like she was doing bad Katy Perry cosplay. But I was surprised when Ru announced that all three would be lip syncing for their lives… and that only one would be staying. (Gasp!)

Despite DeJa-lusional insisting that she’s the lip sync assassin of Season 14, Daya owned this three-way melee to Olivia Rodrigo’s “Good 4 U” from the start. And while I’ve enjoyed my time with both Jorgeous and DeJa, I think they’ve shown us everything in their bag of tricks. Plus, you know, no more gold chocolate. [Sad trombone.]

And just like that, we’re down to the season’s final five queens: Angeria, Bosco, Camden, Daya and Willow. What are your predictions for the Top 4, and which queen do you expect to snatch the crown? Vote in our poll below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on all things Season 14.

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