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Superman & Lois' Alex Garfin Talks Playing Hero in Clark's Absence, That Major Setback With Sarah and More

Superman & Lois Jordan

No Superman? No problem. Tuesday’s episode of Just Lois was one of the season’s strongest yet, as a new hero rose (and took flight!) in the Man of Steel’s absence.

“30 Days and 30 Nights” began with Superman following a newly freed Ally (thanks a lot, Lucy!) through the portal, a journey from which he has yet to return. One month later, John Henry — who spent much of the hour grieving his wife’s loss on the anniversary of her death — had been picking up much of the slack, but even couldn’t be everywhere at once.

Enter Jordan, who not only rescued Kyle from an explosion at an X-K facility (by flying!) but also saved Lois and Sam from their own close — and we mean close — encounter with some X-K thugs while investigating a distribution center. Unfortunately, that heroic high wore off pretty quickly when Sarah got tired of Jordan’s constant secrecy and returned his necklace. Aubrey must be thrilled about this turn of events.

Elsewhere in the hour, Candice came clean about dealing X-K in exchange for immunity; Lana — sorry, make that Mayor Lang — won the election; and we caught a glimpse of how Superman is doing in the other dimension. It’s not looking good, folks!

Below, Alex Garfin breaks down Jordan’s super hour, plus how he feels about his new werewolf half-brother. (It’ll make sense when you get there, trust us.)

TVLINE | Jordan really picked up the torch with his dad gone. I wasn’t sure how this week would go.
He really did, right? That was an initial concern in making an episode of Superman & Lois without Superman. But it worked out! I actually joked about it with Tyler. I was like, “They’re writing you out, man. That’s it. They’re firing you.”

TVLINE | I assume he appreciated the week off.
Oh, that guy is so busy. I’m sure he loved that.

TVLINE | Let’s start with the moment when Lois told Jordan he needed to live by her rules, and he replied, “Not when I’m the one with super powers.” That was bold of him. Lois scares me.
Yeah, and I think something about that scared Lois a little bit. These stories do a really good job of showing this line between good and evil, and she can see that he’s going in the wrong direction. The really beautiful thing about this episode is that you see that mother-son relationship change into a very adult one, one where respect rules over affection. It’s painful when it happens.

TVLINE | I mean, we’re used to seeing her fight with Jonathan, but now she’s really got her hands full.
She’s surrounded on all sides by hormones.

TVLINE | I saw a rough cut of the episode, so I got to see all the harnesses and straps that go into making Jordan fly. I imagine that must be such a fun experience every time. 
[Laughs] Oh man, I wish it was. It is really fun when you’re in the air and getting it done, but those are the most physically and mentally grueling days. The strap that lifts you up push your legs apart, but in order to look Supermanly, you have to squeeze them back together. That machine at the gym that no one uses where you have to put your legs together? It’s like doing that with your entire body weight while in the air. I trained for it, so I was prepared, but I also have a newfound respect for Tyler [Hoechlin] and all the other people out there who do this.

TVLINE | Now that he’s flying, might he be interested in trying out a more aerodynamic suit of some kind?
Clever wording there! I think he could put, like, a big cone on his head to get the aerodynamics right. [Laughs] No. Right now, I feel like it’s very teenager for Jordan to be fighting in a hoodie. I appreciate that very much. But we’ll see going forward. If I do get a suit, I request that I have the underwear on the outside. The classic staple.

TVLINE | With power comes secrets, and I’m bummed that this was the end of the road for Sarah and Jordan. Earlier this season, he wanted to tell her. Is that back on the table, especially now?
The break-up does effect his willingness to tell her his secret. In what way, we’ll find out. The secret has always taken a toll on this family, first between Clark and the boys and now between Jordan and Sarah. It’s going to be interesting how that changes now that there are two super people in the family.

TVLINE | Speaking of more supers in the family, did you hear that Tyler is getting another teenage son through Teen Wolf?
I know! I need to meet this kid and find out who’s better. Like, come on, we’ll settle this now. You know, I actually got an e-mail about the audition for that. I saw it and I was like, “auditions for Tyler Hoechlin’s son? I would be great for this!”

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