Ozark Season 4, Part 2: Watch Spoiler-Packed Trailer for Final 7 Episodes Ever

Netflix on Tuesday unveiled the trailer for Ozark‘s final seven episodes (dropping April 29) and be forewarned — it contains at least one massive spoiler.

Seconds into the action-packed promo, we see vengeance-seeking Ruth do the one thing Marty and Wendy begged her not to: She shoots and presumably kills Big Bad Javi — and in broad daylight!

And once the Byrdes’ worst case scenario switch flipped, all hell breaks loose, as the trailer makes abundantly clear.

As showrunner Chris Mundy recently revealed to TVLine, Season 4, Part 2 will pick up where the finale of Part 1 left off in January — with Julia Garner’s antiheroine on the warpath following the brutal murder of her cousin Wyatt. “We pick up right away,” the EP shared. “We would be cheating everybody if we jumped past the emotional place we were in [at the end of Episode 7].”

The final episodes will also bring resolution to the flash-forward car wreck involving the Byrde family that was teased in the Season 4 premiere (and that is featured in the trailer above). As Mundy explained back in January, the ambiguity surrounding the exact timing of the accident was intentional.

“There’s a feeling on our show all the time where anything can happen at anytime, and I like that unease,” he told us. “We felt like people [watching the Season 4 premiere] might be confused for a split second, but then when the [action cuts immediately] to Mexico they’d realize [it was a flash-forward]. But we didn’t want to do any more of the math for them.”

Netflix also announced on Tuesday that a 30-minute retrospective will follow the seven-episode swan song on April 29. The special “serves as a love letter” to the show, and “explores the genesis of the series, the rich characters we loved and loved to hate, the gripping performances that captivated us, the creatives who made magic behind the camera, and a wealth of memories over the last five years.”

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