Outlander Recap: Here's What Happened While Ian Was Away


This week’s Outlander filled in the missing details about how Young Ian came to leave the Mohawk, offered a very appropriate callback to Claire and Jamie’s time in Paris and introduced the phrase “lubricated brilliance” into Mr. and Mrs. Fraser’s pillowtalk vocabulary.

Read on for the highlights of “Hour of the Wolf.”

WHAT IAN WAS UP TO | The bulk of the episode focuses on Ian’s time with the Mohawk, particularly the relationship he built with a member of the tribe named Emily. We flash back to right after he was brought into the village, when his head was partially shaved and he was given the name Wolf’s Brother. Soon after, he starts making eyes at a young woman — Emily — and she makes eyes back. She gives him a carving of a wolf, and when Ian wants to start courting her, he asks a friend named Kaheroton how to go about it. Kaheroton informs Ian that the women in the tribe choose who they want to be with… and soon it becomes very clear that Emily has made her choice.

One night, she gives Ian a bracelet to remind him “of when we were joined together as one.” Then she takes him to bed. A montage of scenes shows us how much Ian has been absorbed into the life of the tribe, and then we see that Emily is visibly pregnant. When she asks if he misses his home, he kisses her belly and says, “You are my home. Both of you.”

But she miscarries the baby, and Ian is beside himself as the women of the tribe care for Emily and he is left to pray in the woods with Rollo by his side. “I never saw her, the bairn,” he tells Jamie as he recounts the story. “They’d already wrapped her up. We buried her in furs.” When Emily miscarries again a few months later, “Everything changed,” Ian recalls.

The Mohawk believed that Ian’s spirit wasn’t strong enough to best Emily’s, which was why their children weren’t making it to term. So he’s unceremoniously ousted from the tribe. “Your spirit is not Mohawk,” one of the elders tells him. “Return to your own people. Among them, your spirit will be strong.” Ian is understandably very angry and upset, but when he storms back to see Emily, she’s already with Kaheroton. OUCH. “It is what must be,” she tells Ian, though she’s crying as she does so. “Go.”

outlander-recap-season-6-episode-4OLD HURTS | Let’s switch gears and check in at the Ridge, shall we? We pop in on Jamie and Claire as they’re just wrapping up some morning sex, and that’s where they discuss the connotations of the phrases “greased lightning” versus “lubricated brilliance.” (I do love that Jamie’s like, “I can be quick.” We allllllll remember your wedding night, bud.)

Major MacDonald’s sneezing (eew) interrupts them; he’s staying at the house while he delivers the guns for the Cherokee, and he happens to be allergic to Adso. So Jamie reluctantly levers himself outta bed, sends Fergus — who is doing much better, thank goodness — off to Cross Creek to sell some goods, then has Ian join him on a visit to the the Cherokee camp to deliver the weapons. Just before he leaves, Brianna’s all, “None of this will matter because the Trail of Tears is about 60 years away, and Native Americans are in for so much more badness.”

outlander-recap-season-6-episode-4At the Cherokee village, Ian is surprised to find that Kaheroton and some other Mohawk from his old tribe are there to trade. And he’s irked to find that Emily and Kaheroton have a son. So he gets into a fight with his old friend, and when Jamie and another Indian agent named Scotchee jump in to separate them, Scotchee then winds up tussling with Kaheroton and challenging him to a duel.

Ian is sure that God is punishing him. But Jamie says that there’s a plan, and God is merciful. That’s when Jamie brings up Faith, the daughter he and Claire lost to stillbirth in Season 2. Ian worries that his daughter was never baptized, so what’s become of her soul? “Come, we shall ask my daughter to look for yours in Heaven,” Jamie says, kneeling to pray with his nephew. “I ken she’ll find her there.” Aw.

After his head clears, Ian brings Kaheroton a gun (“you deserve a fighting chance”). If Kaheroton dies, he asks Ian to give Emily something… and it’s THE SEX BRACELET. Ugh. Poor Ian. Eventually, Ian winds up saving Kaheroton’s life after Scotchee tries to cheat at the duel, and he gives the bracelet back to Kaheroton, telling her that God chose him to be with Emily. The entire thing seems to settle something within Ian; he takes off the wolf necklace that Emily made him, kisses it, and puts it in the river, then tells Jamie that he can be both Wolf’s Brother and Ian Murray. Jamie concurs.

Before they leave, Jamie takes Chief Bird aside, tells him that the women in his family can see the future, and warns him that life for his people is about to get very complicated and awful for a very long time. “What is the benefit of your warning?” the chief asks. “To fight for yourselves,” Jamie responds.

WELCOME HOME | When Jamie returns home, Claire is very happy to see him — so happy that she meets him in the stable. He announces that he’s going to resign as an Indian agent, which is good, but Claire’s much more interested in getting into her man’s pants. So she starts undressing him and they go at it, right there among the dust and hay and everything… unaware that Malva is watching from just a few feet away.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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