Video: Katrina Law Hilariously Reacts to Sara's Legends Pregnancy — Might Nyssa al Ghul Attend the Baby Shower?

Pity the guy who has to inform Nyssa al Ghul that her “beloved” is pregnant by another woman.

That fate in fact befell me, when in the course of speaking with Katrina Law about NCIS‘ upcoming crossover with NCIS: Hawai’i (airing next Monday, March 28), I brought up Sara Lance’s unexpected and nearly improbable pregnancy, as affirmed and shared with wife Ava in the Legends of Tomorrow season finale.

Arrowverse alum Law’s reaction to the brand-new news, captured in the video above, is rather priceless (and can’t be captured in mere words). I then give Law the Reader’s Digest version of how Ava “knocked up” Sara, and then ask her if Sara’s Arrow ex, Nyssa al Ghul, might score an invite to the inevitable baby shower — and what sort of gift an elite assassin might come wielding!

I then suggest that if Legends of Tomorrow gets renewed at The CW, it may be for a final season. And if that does turn out to be the case, is Law primed for one final reunion with Sara (whom she last saw in Arrow’s series finale, at Oliver Queen’s funeral)?

Last but far from least — and speaking of Sara Lance — Law shares why she recently asked former scene partner Caity Lotz for advice, in the name of pulling off a badass NCIS scene. Press play above for that anecdote and more!

Stay tuned for our main video Q&A with Law, in which she teases the March 28 NCIS crossover, talks about returning to Hawaii and compares/contrasts NCIS‘ Jessica Knight and Five-0‘s Quinn Liu.

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