Here's How 9-1-1's Angela Bassett Brought Athena Grant to Lone Star

9-1-1 Lone Star Crossover

We’re suckers for a crossover, especially when it involves Angela Bassett, so imagine our delight to get both of those things during Monday’s episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star.

Following the 9-1-1 spring premiere (more on that here), Bassett’s Athena Grant dialed in from California to assist the unlikely duo of Carlos and Grace. The cop and dispatcher teamed up after a prankster placed a fake 9-1-1 call that ended with Carlos tasing someone who then fell on his own knife and died.

Though neither Carlos nor Grace were found responsible for the man’s death, they were furious and frustrated, leading them to take the law into their own hands. They tracked down the disgruntled gamer who apparently placed the call, but because he lived in Los Angeles, they called someone a little closer to take him into custody.

“You guys did all the hard work. I just showed up for the fun detective,” Athena told Carlos and Grace over FaceTime. When he corrected her that he isn’t a detective, she said, “You’re kidding. You could have fooled me.” She then reminded him that “there’s no such thing as just a patrol officer.” Grace extended an invitation for Athena to meet them in Austin someday, and I for one hope she takes her up on that offer.

Meanwhile, if you weren’t already invested in Owen and Catherine’s relationship, you probably are after Monday’s episode. The harrowing hour exposed Amy Acker’s character to a potentially deadly white powder, which she accidentally breathed in after opening a card for flowers she thought were from Owen. “Now you’re really toxic,” the card read, prompting her — and many viewers, we assume — to think her life was in danger. It didn’t help that the boy who was paid to deliver the flowers got a bloody nose and passed out shortly after dropping them off.

The show’s it couple appeared to be out of the woods when Judd discovered that the powder was merely corn starch, but their troubles continued during what was supposed to be a romantic evening at Owen’s. After a night of dinner and dancing, they retired to Owen’s bedroom… where they discovered a dead pig in his bed, guts spilling out onto the sheets.

The words “TOXIC PIG” were scrawled on the wall in blood, prompting Catherine to quip, “I guess I’m not the only one with enemies.” (Oh, Catherine’s got jokes now?)

Your thoughts on Monday’s hog-wild episode of Lone Star? Did you enjoy Athena’s virtual visit to Texas? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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