Will How I Met Your Father Go the Binge Route for Season 2? EPs Say Talks Are Underway About 'Best Path Forward'

How I Met Your Father fans may not be kept waiting too long for Season 2 — but how much of Season 2 they get up front is still being debated.

Though series creators Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger stop short of promising that new episodes will arrive before year’s end, Berger tells TVLine that Hulu “wants us back on the service sooner than later.” Aptaker, meanwhile, says that they’re “hoping to be back in production” on HIMYF‘s next batch of 20 episodes as soon as “this summer,” once he and Berger complete their duties as co-showrunners on NBC’s This Is Us, currently in its sixth and final season and wrapping in May.

“As soon as we’re done there, we’re diving back into [How I Met your Father] with our writers,” Aptaker says. “And a show like this moves really fast.”

Reflecting on the expanded Season 2 order, the EPs say they’re looking forward to doing more standalone episodes than Season 1’s short order permitted. “It will give us a chance to let our mystery breathe, and to do episodes that are more about everybody hanging out and having a crazy night together,” Aptaker says. And as Berger points out, “We had a bunch of those [story ideas] for Season 1 that we couldn’t do because we didn’t have enough space for them.”

As for whether Season 2 will continue with Season 1’s weekly release method or go the binge route — perhaps dropping two, 10-episode “parts,” separated by a few months — Aptaker says that those discussions are currently underway.

“We’re still going back and forth,” he tells us. “We’re finishing out this season, then taking a beat to talk about what the best path forward is.”

Neither he nor Berger, also responsible for Hulu’s Love, Victor, are strangers to the binge model. “Love, Victor drops, and we have a very exciting four or five days where we’re on Twitter all the time, reading all the reactions,” Berger says. “It’s so wonderful and all consuming, [but] then you come out of that first week and go, ‘Well, that was fun, but now it’s over.’ It’s really nice to have this prolonged dialogue with fans [of How I Met Your Father].”

Ultimately, whichever way Hulu decides to go, “I think there’s a good chance that we’ll have an exciting climax at midseason, as you do when you have this many episodes,” Aptaker says.

What say you, How I Met Your Father fans? Did you enjoy Season 1’s weekly rollout, or are you hoping for the How I Met Your Mother sequel to go the binge route in Season 2?