Fear the Walking Dead Season 7B Trailer Suggests Strand's Days Are Numbered — and Introduces a Whole New Madison

Forget Fear the Walking Dead and start to Avoid the Threatening Living. Ahead of the Sunday, April 17, return of the first Walking Dead spinoff (at 9/8c), AMC on Tuesday released Season 7B key art and a trailer in which Strand’s closest shave wasn’t in front of the bathroom mirror. “In one way or another,” frenemy Alicia promised him, “you won’t be running this place after today.”

Yikes. Are we coming up on the antagonist-turned-protagonist-turned-antagonist’s last stand? Per the network: “In the second half of Season 7, months have passed after the nuclear blast, and the only one thriving is Victor… Having built a fiefdom, he callously selects who will have a chance at life. The other members of the group have suffered immensely, but out of that has come a fierce determination to live, even if it means taking Strand’s Tower by force and continuing the search for Padre, a mythical place no one is sure really exists.”

fear the walking dead season 7b key art

Alicia has an idea of how to get there, but as you’ll see… it’s far out, man! Elsewhere in the action-packed trailer, we get our first glimpse of original cast member Kim Dickens back in action as Alicia’s mother, Madison, the series’ original Wonder Woman, thought to be deceased since way back in Season 4. The character appears to be fine, but um, will she stay that way? Doubtful, since as she submits to questioning, an unseen someone informs her that she isn’t Madison at all. “We will tell you who you’re going to be from now on.”

Yikes again! What do you think, Fear TWD fans? Do you believe that Alicia has really been fatally infected? Is Strand doomed? Are you looking forward to Madison’s comeback? Press PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments.