SNL Video: Word Search Game Show Creates a 'Hole' Lotta Problems

Quick! What’s a seven-letter word that ends in “hole”? If you answered “momhole,” then A) you should probably see a very good therapist and B) has Saturday Night Live got a sketch for you!

Word Crunch — a game show whose host is played by Andrew Dismukes — is basically a word search. Owing to a writers’ strike, everything is written by sound engineer Chris (Sarah Sherman, doing her best rowdy Jersey girl). So, naturally, the board is filled with the word “momhole.”

Now, will you find that word in a dictionary? Absolutely not. But the conviction that host Zoë Kravitz has as a contestant will make you doubt yourself. After being told the word isn’t real, she counters with, “You may not want to think about it, but they have them, so…”

The game gets stranger as “himhole,” “jacksonhole,” and a deluge of other holes show up on the board. The other contestants — Aidy Bryant and Aristotle Athari — cheerfully offer “beach” and “water” while Kravitz finds filthier and filthier words. Let this be a lesson to any network execs looking to hire scabs during the next writers’ strike.

The real joy here comes from Kravitz’s understated performance. Sketches like these usually rely on wildly over-the-top characters or exceptionally weird game rules. But it’s her mild annoyance and deep suspicion that everyone else is an idiot for not knowing that “momhole” is a thing that is unendingly hilarious.

This sketch feels like it was written by someone who’s absolutely sick of seeing their social media feeds crammed full of friends bragging about their Wordle scores. If you feel the same way, let Word Crunch be the game for the rest of us who good with words are not out of mouth please.

Elsewhere in the episode, Kravitz played a maid of honor who accidentally lets the new husband know exactly what he’s gotten himself into.

So how did this week’s host fare? Grade Kravitz’s episode below, then let us know your thoughts in the Comments.

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