SNL Video: Zoë Kravitz Gives a Highly Incriminating Maid of Honor Speech

Everyone should have a best friend they would pick as their maid of honor, and everyone should have a best friend that they would pick as their maid of honor… except you shouldn’t because they know all your secrets.

This week, Saturday Night Live‘s guest host, Zoë Kravitz is that woman.

In one of the week’s early sketches, Kravitz played Sara, the bride’s best friend, who accidentally lets the new hubby know what he’s got himself into.

Cecily Strong plays the bride, Tanya, and Kyle Mooney plays Matt, the groom who soon realizes he’s in over his head. The slightly tipsy Sara starts off listing off the things we “all” do — enabling drunk driving, seeing your friend’s dad naked, killing someone — but then begins to really dive into the dark stuff.

The reason why Tanya is a Bridezilla is wildly inappropriate and very funny. The list of guys from Jackass she’s slept with is … long. You may not have known that you could find dates on an app called Choke Pony, but that’s what this sketch is here to teach you.

In a way, Kravitz’s character is very similar to another character that Strong is famous for: Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party. This one isn’t nearly as sauced as that Weekend Update staple, but they both exude a sense of pure chaos that is a lot of fun in a stuffy situation like a wedding.

Mooney plays a more reined in version of his standard lovable loser persona that meshes well with Strong’s bride. He gets a couple of repeating lines — “What kind of dancing?” and “What kids?” — that ground what is otherwise a very silly sketch. It’s just a pity he messed with Suge Knight’s woman.

Watch the full sketch above, and weigh in on Kravitz’s hosting gig.

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