Legends Boss Says 'Propulsive' Finale Is Not Intended as Series Ender, Teases Donald Faison's Mystery Character

Legends of Tomorrow Spoilers

Although Legends of Tomorrow has yet to be renewed, co-showrunner Keto Shimizu wants to make one thing clear: This Wednesday’s season finale (The CW, 8/7c) is in no way meant to be a series ender.

Typically by this time of year, the time-traveling drama has already been picked up for another season. But of course, the writing team must craft each finale well before it airs, so the show’s uncertain future is often just a fact of life in the TV biz. “Just because of the timing of everything, we had to just go forth and create a story that felt satisfying and exciting for us as writers and thinking [about] the fans and what they would want to see… but not having any idea of whether or not we would continue this story afterwards,” Shimizu tells TVLine.

“But that being said, we chose to take the route of optimism and to tell a story that is propulsive into a future season,” Shimizu adds. “It’s certainly a gamble. But it’s a gamble that we were more than willing to take because we wanted it to be crystal clear to anyone watching this season finale that it was meant to be just that — a season finale, not series finale — and that the writers intend to tell many more [stories] going forward.”

In some ways, last week’s penultimate episode, which saw the Legends retiring and Gideon taking over as the Waverider’s captain, actually felt more like a potential series finale — that is until the cliffhanger-y final scenes of Evil Gideon sending Gary into space and Gwyn discovering that Alun is a robot.

“We were building up to this moment that felt like it could have been the end of the series. But of course, it’s not the end of the series,” Shimizu says. “It almost felt too neat to be a Legends of Tomorrow series finale. Something was always going to give, something was always going to change everything at the last minute, and that’s why it felt necessary to tell that story and kind of get it out of the way.”

The season finale will pick up after the “pretty horrifying moment” when Gwyn took the CPU out of his robot beau’s head. The scientist “now has this mission squarely on his shoulders, which is to go save his [real] boyfriend himself” during World War I combat, Shimizu previews. “He is not the kind of character who’s going to disrupt his friends’ happiness, which he feels was well earned, and have them come try and help him or risk anything to help him. He’s very determined to go do this on his own. But as is the theme with many of our Legends stories, Legends don’t do things alone. They can’t. You always need somebody at your back to make anything possible. Burdens are meant to be shared, not hoisted alone, and that is that is very much the case in terms of what’s going to happen in the finale.”

And in trying to save their friend Gwyn’s great love, whose death is a fixed point in the timeline, the team will encounter a new character played by Scrubs vet Donald Faison. Described as “an unauthorized time traveler with high-profile aspirations,” the mysterious addition “is the fixer that the Legends have to go up against in 1916,” Shimizu teases.

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