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Killing Eve's Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer Break Down Eve and Villanelle's Uneasy Reunion — Watch Video

Killing Eve may be back, but that doesn’t mean Eve and Villanelle are back together.

The BBC America thriller returned for its fourth and final season on Sunday, and the premiere found our favorite cat and mouse in very different places: Eve was on a mission to bring down The Twelve, and Villanelle was seeking redemption by embracing God. (Read our full premiere recap here.) But they couldn’t stay apart for long: After Eve skipped Villanelle’s baptism, Villanelle showed up at her hotel, insisting that she’s changed. Eve didn’t buy it, though, and punctuated things with a slap across the face, walking away from her former obsession — maybe for good.

So has Eve really closed the door on a reconciliation with Villanelle? “I think she believes she has in that moment,” Sandra Oh tells TVLine in the video above. (Her costar Jodie Comer might not agree, though; she lets out a small groan when Oh says that.) But Oh does hint that “later on in the season,” Eve and Villanelle “get to a new place.”

As for Villanelle, Eve’s harsh rejection “definitely does send her off in a different direction,” Comer notes. “I think she can see the change in Eve. That’s tough for her. There’s something that happens in that scene that I think really kind of shocks her.”

Oh likens it to “one of those bad relationships where you think, ‘They’re gonna come back… And we’re going to do this dance over again, and then we’re gonna separate’… I think Eve is really ready to let that go.”

Watch the video above to get Oh and Comer’s take on the premiere, and then hit the comments and share your thoughts.