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FBI Most Wanted Jess

Will FBI: Most Wanted favorite have a truly “seamless” exit? Will All American spinoff tackle both sports and leisure? How will Peacemaker finale leave you feeling? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows. (Email any brand-new Qs to InsideLine@tvline.com.)

Any details yet on how FBI: Most Wanted will write out Julian McMahon’s Jess? –Dee
If rumors about the abrupt manner with which the CBS procedural will be writing out McMahon’s Jess LaCroix prove to be true, I doubt fans will agree with the actor’s assessment that his character departs in “seamless” fashion.

All American: HomecomingIs All American: Homecoming going to focus a lot on the sports or will we see more of the college life at an HBCU? –Katleena
In the four episodes made available to press, daily life at an HBCU — group projects, parties, suitable First Day of Class attire — gets plenty of screentime, separate from Simone and Damon’s athletic pursuits. But if it’s the sports you’re seeking, both tennis and baseball are often the focus, particularly in the first two installments.

Any scoop on Amara and Coach Turner on All American: Homecoming? –Ronda
Here’s what we can share for now: Amara’s decision to blow the whistle on Bringston’s cheating scandal will cause some setbacks for her in Homecoming‘s initial episodes, and Coach Turner will prove to be her No. 1 confidant.

FBI ScolaAnything for FBI? –Anita
In the episode airing March 8, Maggie will have a new partner of sorts. “What we’ve been doing this season that’s really fun is mixing up the partnerships,” Missy Peregrym told me. “You’ve had Maggie and Tiff, and I work with Scola (played by John Boyd) in the last episode [we filmed]. We have such a fun cast, so it’s exciting to go to work. Zeeko [Zaki, who pays OA] and I know each other and we know what we’re going to do, but when you work with a different actor, it’s fun to see what they do.”

I love all the Buffy and Angel vets that have popped up on 9-1-1: Lone Star this season. What’s going on there? –Julie
Well, the short answer is that showrunner Tim Minear was an executive producer on Angel, though he insists “none of that was on purpose.” He does, however, promise that Amy Acker will stick around as Owen’s potential love interest for “at least” a few more episodes, while we also “might see more” of Julie Benz’s Sadie. Minear even points out a few “hidden” cameos from Buffy and Angel vets this season: “Brigid Brannagh, who played Wesley’s girlfriend in Season 2 of Angel, was the mother of the boy who fell through the ice. And the turtle guy was [Harry Groener], the mayor from Buffy.” Did you catch those?

Do you know when The Mandalorian might be back? –Kathleen
It is a safe bet that Season 3 will premiere this year, probably around Life Day Christmastime.

Will Walker‘s Geri follow the advice she gave Colton and tell Walker how she feels about him? –Ivan
Well… Geri does not exactly follow her own advice, but she and Walker are both inching toward a place where they are ready to let go of the past and move forward. They just need the timing to be right. But is that time now just yet?

Will Pete’s feelings for Alberta be further explored on Ghosts? –Maggie
Danielle Pinnock, who plays Alberta, says to be patient on that front. “When it comes to Alberta finding out about Pete’s feelings for her, they have to leave a little something for Season 2,” she told TVLine. “But I will definitely say this is my favorite odd-couple relationship on the planet Earth. For Pete to have a crush on Alberta made me die laughing when I saw it in the script. The bootlegger and the Boy Scout? I’m ready for the reality show on these two. Call it ‘Love After Life’; Michelle Buteau could host.”

What can we expect from the Peacemaker finale? –Hollis
Chukwudi Iwuji, who plays Murn, told me that during the final moments of the Feb. 17 finale, viewers will be feeling “probably itchy fingers, to get online and and find out if it’s been renewed for a Season 2! Honestly, in these last episodes you get a sense of who these characters could be, given time; you get a sense of how they’ve grown, and surprisingly so since theres been so much hilarity; there a lot of smiling; and I do genuinely think there will be the flutter of the old tear duct.”

Loved this week’s Snowpiercer battle, though I’m bummed to see Wilford locked up. Any scoop on how long that will last? –Craig
Daveed Diggs put it best, in assessing Wilford-as-prisoner: “I mean, you’ve seen Sean Bean’s work — he’s not going quietly!” Meaning, you should expect him to eff with some minds from behind bars a la one Hannibal Lecter. “There is that, but Sean as an actor also is consistently unafraid to go all the way there. That’s why every scene with him is so fun to watch, because he will run all the way through the extent of the [acting] choice you can make and push it to the limits.”

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