Ashleigh Murray to Play Tom Swift's BFF in The CW's Nancy Drew Spinoff

Tom Swift Cast Ashleigh Murray

Ashleigh Murray is returning to The CW for more sleuthing, but her new gig is nowhere near Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe.

The actress, who portrayed Josie McCoy on both Riverdale and Katy Keene, has joined the upcoming Nancy Drew spinoff Tom Swift, our sister site Deadline reports.

Murray’s character Zenzi Fullerton is described as “efficient and effervescent, but nobody’s fool. She’s been Tom’s best friend since childhood and considers him family — and she’s one of the few people who can keep up with Tom and read him for filth when necessary.”

Tian Richards stars as the titular billionaire inventor, a reimagining of a very different character from the classic Tom Swift novels. Richards was introduced via a backdoor pilot in Nancy Drew‘s second season.

As Richards told TVLine, “The original Tom Swift was great for his time and what he represented. At the time, that was the face of young boys, All-American kids full of possibilities. But in 2021, that can look so different. It can look like someone like me — a Black guy who is chocolate, who is queer, who is all those things that we’re told aren’t the normal or the status quo.”

LeVar Burton, who voiced Tom’s A.I. companion Barclay in the backdoor pilot, is expected to continue with the series.

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