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And Just Like That Writers Answer Our Burning Question: Why Didn't We See Miranda Go to Cleveland to Meet Che?

And Just Like That Miranda Che Cleveland

And Just Like That‘s season has wrapped up, but we couldn’t help but wonder about one lingering mystery: When Miranda impulsively flew to Cleveland to profess her love to Che, why didn’t we see that scene?

Episode 8 ended with Miranda asking Steve for a divorce and taking a cab to the airport, telling Carrie she’s going to Cleveland to surprise Che: “I’m in a rom-com, Carrie!” But then when Episode 9 opened, Miranda and Che were back in New York and happily together. So what happened in Cleveland?

“Very early on, there was” a plan to show Miranda meeting Che in Cleveland, And Just Like That writer Julie Rottenberg tells TVLine. “That episode was going to end in Cleveland, but by the time we got to it, I don’t think we ever even wrote that scene.”

Instead, the scene “fell away,” Rottenberg’s co-writer Elisa Zuritsky explains — and the restrictions of TV production were the culprit. “For any number of reasons, the scripts were always longer than they were supposed to be. We never had enough time to shoot everything. So there were a lot of different elements we were juggling.”

But also, “creatively, we decided we didn’t want to see it,” Rottenberg adds. “We felt like it would be exactly what you thought it would be, and we didn’t want to do that. We wanted to jump forward into their relationship. So I think we can all kind of decide what happened in Cleveland.” (For more scoop from the And Just Like That writers, check out our season finale post mortem.)

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