How I Met Your Father: Paget Brewster Cast as Sophie's Mom — First Look

Paget Brewster - How I Met Your Father

It’s time to meet the mother — or more precisely, Sophie’s mother.

TVLine can exclusively reveal that Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds) has been cast in Hulu’s How I Met Your Father as Lori, the single mother and former model who had Sophie young. She’ll make her debut in the Feb. 8 episode “The Good Mom,” when an unexpected visit from Sophie’s mother heightens Valentina’s concern for her best friend.

(Fun fact: Brewster previously played mom to  Josh Peck — who currently recurs on HIMYF as Sophie’s love interest Drew — on the Fox sitcom Grandfathered.)

The HIMYF pilot revealed that Hilary Duff’s Sophie grew up with a “party girl” mother. Her father, meanwhile, “wasn’t even in the picture,” according to Valentina. Then in Episode 3, Sophie opened up to Jesse about her messed-up childhood.

“It was just my mom and I, bouncing around from one boyfriend’s house to the next,” she said. “We were more like sisters than mother and daughter — and I was the big sister, always picking up the pieces after every breakup, and I got really good at fixing her.”

Series co-creator Elizabeth Berger previously confirmed that Sophie’s backstory would be significant to her journey in Season 1. “It plays a huge role,” the EP told TVLine. “There’s a certain coming to terms with her identity and where she came from… before she is ultimately ready to find her person.”

Duff concurred, adding: “[Sophie has] never had a serious relationship — she blows it up before it ever gets there — and I think that’s because she has to sort out some childhood stuff, and boy is that relatable.”

Brewster is slated to appear in one episode during Season 1 — but, of course, the nature of the role suggests she could return should How I Met Your Father be renewed for Season 2. Scroll down for an additional photo from her guest stint, then hit the comments with your reactions to her casting.

Paget Brewster - How I Met Your Father