Billions: Peloton Says It 'Did Not Agree' to Appearance in Season 6 Premiere

Billions Peloton

For the second time in as many months, the fitness company Peloton is addressing its use in a popular TV series — this time, Showtime’s Billions.

During the financial drama’s Season 6 premiere on Sunday night (mild spoilers ahead!), David Costabile’s Mike “Wags” Wagner suffered a non-fatal heart attack after using a Peloton exercise bike. And though Wags didn’t meet the same fate as And Just Like That‘s Mr. Big — who died shortly after a Peloton ride in the Sex and the City revival’s premiere — Peloton said on Sunday that the company did not sign off on an appearance in Billions‘ return.

“We get TV shows want to include @onepeloton to get people talking, but to be clear, we did *not* agree for our brand or IP to be used on @SHO_Billions or provide any equipment,” reads a tweet from Peloton’s official account. “As the show itself points out, cardio-vascular exercise helps people lead long, happy lives.”

A rep for Billions did not immediately respond to TVLine’s request for comment. (Read our full recap of Sunday’s premiere here.)

In December, following Peloton’s unflattering appearance in And Just Like That, the company swiftly responded with a tongue-in-cheek ad of its own, in which Chris Noth’s Mr. Big and cycling instructor Allegra (played by real-life Peloton trainer Jess King) toasted to new beginnings.

“Shall we take another ride?” Mr. Big asked in the spot. “Life’s too short not to.”

The ad, however, was ultimately pulled days later following multiple sexual assault allegations against Noth.

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