Did Yellowjackets Unmasking Surprise? Is Superman Snubbing General? How Did Dexter Flub Drug?! And More Qs

TV Questions Yellowjackets Superman

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about dozens of shows including Yellowjackets, The Cleaning Lady, Superman & Lois and New Amsterdam!

1 | Isn’t it something that Blue Bloods has made Lyle Lovett (Lyle Lovett!) such a badass (and a sometimes-scary af one at that)?

2 | 1883 viewers: Do we think there’s anything more to Elsa’s tears than just the trigger of a sad song? And why were Josef and his wife speaking English, and not German (their native language), to each other in the privacy of their own bedroll?

3 | Are you surprised — or simply relieved! — that The Rookie isn’t doing a “Who’s the daddy?” with pregnant Nyla, who had hooked up with her ex on Halloween?

4 | Did you also enjoy The Equalizer‘s meta moment when Queen Latifah’s Robyn told young rapper Sid Slay the best emcees are the ones who aren’t trying to be anyone but themselves?

5 | Didn’t you expect Yellowjackets‘ Van’s face to look much worse when Tai took off the mask? And even though Adam didn’t turn out to be the blackmailer, do you think there was still something kinda shady about how he showed up in Shauna’s life?

Dexter New Blood Finale Episode 106 | Why did Dexter: New Blood go out of its way to fudge continuity by stating the Bay Harbor Butcher had dosed his victims with ketamine, when it was a conspicuous Dexter plot point that he used M-99 (etorphine hydrochloride)?

7 | Sure, host Jesse Palmer was once The Bachelor himself, and he is happily married now… but couldn’t he have clarified that he’s not actually married to the woman who won his season?

8 | Are you buying that The Cleaning Lady was able to clean that bloody crime scene with no industrial equipment? And we don’t mean to question Thony’s methods, but… vacuuming all those jelly beans? How did she not break the vacuum?!

Superman & Lois

9 | As many a TVLine reader has noted, why is Superman & Lois‘ Clark addressing Lt. General Anderson as “Lieutenant” and not the proper “General”? And Sarah totally met someone at camp, right?

10 | On Queens, how big of Lady Z fans must the police have been in order to coordinate the arrest of Frank Black with the chorus of the abused rapper’s big #MeToo anthem?

11 | Can Our Kind of People‘s Raymond/Tyrique alliance last, or are they both too handsome for harmony?

12 | Did this week’s American Auto storyline prompt you to Google “new cars for $10,000”? Were you shocked that there weren’t any?

13 | Anybody else disturbed that This Is Us‘ Nicky, who’s not the most technologically savvy person, was able to easily Google search Sally’s home address? And did NBC get a rights deal on “Hooked on a Feeling”? Two Ordinary Joe characters sang it last week, and then this week, This Is Us‘ Rebecca belted it.

New Amsterdam - Season 414 | Was New Amsterdam‘s Dr. Wilder unwise to bring Dr. Castries into the resistance fold, considering Veronica hired her? (Speaking of Dr. Castries, how funny that Genevieve Angelson aired back-to-back on NBC this Tuesday, also seen as This Is Us‘ Young Sally?) Oh, and how does Helen have enough money to hire three deputies?

15 | Is The Book of Boba Fett being a bit too generous in “humanizing” what had largely been outright Star Wars villains? The Tusken people are one thing, for sure, but a Rancor? What, will we next learn that Wampas just crave a warm hug?

Legends of Tomorrow16 | How fortuitous was it that DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returned with a bunch of “John Cena arms” references just one day before the premiere of his Peacemaker series? #corporatesynergy

17 | Since Batwoman‘s Pam Isley, aka Poison Ivy, is an eco-activist, does that mean she’s also vegan? Like, where does she stand on plant-based meat substitutes?

18 | Were you surprised how long it took The Conners‘ Dan to mention that Darlene should be more worried about Mark’s reliance on amphetamines after losing her own mother to a drug overdose? And wouldn’t losing her sister to opioids have made Jackie think twice about begging her doctor for painkillers?

19 | Did Sistas‘ Danni make you cheer when she took down that sex trafficker… but groan when she showed up at Karen’s salon to confront Preston? (Didn’t they break up?)

And Just Like That Jon Tenny20 | And Just Like That… fans, did you get Mark Ruffalo vibes from Carrie’s date Peter, aka Professor Puke? And did you even recognize The Closer vet Jon Tenney as Peter?

21 | Did Thursday’s Call Me Kat feel like the start of a new chapter for the show — one that relies less on Kat’s quirks and more on the whole ensemble? And how surprised were you to see the show go deep, revealing Randi’s ongoing battle with depression to Carter?

22 | If Pivoting even lasts that long, who do you want to cast as the ladies’ late friend Colleen for the inevitable flashbacks? Eliza Coupe’s Happy Endings pal Casey Wilson, perhaps?

23 | Does anyone watching B Positive buy Gina’s sudden interest in Drew? And at what point does her kidney buddy/potential love interest give up on van life and take a job as Valley Hills’ in-house shrink?

Young Sheldon24 | Young Sheldon only wants us to think that Mary might cheat on George first, right? And George will use Mary’s emotional affair with the youth pastor to justify him (eventually) sleeping with Brenda? Did you look up Texas’ age of consent when it was insinuated that 17-year-old Georgie (played by 18-year-old Montana Jordan) was going to go all the way with Emily Osment’s 29-year-old weather girl? Similarly, did you pause the episode to Google whether Christian Teen (featuring Growing Pains‘ Kirk Cameron on the cover!) was a real magazine circa 1991?

25 | On Bull, how do you think Marissa’s new job — with her name on the door, the amazing office, the easy-going boss and the perfect coffee order — will eventually go terribly wrong? (Surely she signed a contract and can’t simply change her mind/return to TAC.)

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!