Was This Is Us Dis Deserved? Did Fire Excuse Hold Water? Is Bachelor Making You Do a Double Take? And More Qs

This Is Us 6x01

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about dozens of shows including Cobra Kai, The Bachelor, 9-1-1: Lone Star and This Is Us!

1 | If there were at least 10 dojos in Cobra Kai‘s All Valley Tournament, why did the (overzealous) ring announcer’s (overzealous) introductions make it seem like there were just the three?

2 | We learned a little about murderous miscreants Barbie and Ken’s origin story on Netflix’s Stay Close, but there’s enough there for a potential spinoff or at least a standalone, made-for-TV musical, right?

3 | SEAL TeamDid SEAL Team‘s A.J. Buckley really just casually throw two perfect headshots in this scene? (Is axe throwing easier than we thought?) Also, does it seem like Bravo now shares a whole lot more with those back home (e.g. detailed team dynamics, bad tactical calls) than they did in Season 1?

4 | Why didn’t S.W.A.T.‘s Deacon and Chris use the bad guys’ truck to drive away, instead of holing up at the nearby ghost town? And couldn’t their client Miguel have spared a few thou for the Mama Peña fund?

5 | Did The Equalizer‘s Bishop using his “golden ticket” to help Harry feel like a convenient way to write Chris Noth off the show?

6 | Now that The Rookie has given Bailey a work friend and this messy backstory, does it seem even more likely that Jenna Dewan is being set up for an LAFD spinoff?

7 | Why would Yellowstone‘s Rip feel the need to put on jeans for a middle-of-the-night talk with Beth? Wouldn’t Riggins have recognized Beth from stories about his botched hits on the Duttons? And Jimmy became a master cowboy in just a few weeks in Texas? Doesn’t speak very well for Rip and Lloyd’s ability as teachers, does it?

8 | On The Neighborhood (above), we get the joke was that Marty and Malcolm’s house was rented out for a veryyyy low-budget porn shoot, but are we to believe there’d be no additional lighting whatsoever? Furthermore, wouldn’t the producers at least ask Marty and Malcolm to put away any personal effects (such as the picture frame on the desk)?

The Bachelor9 | We realize The Bachelor needed a new host, but don’t new Bachelor Clayton and new host Jesse Palmer (photo above) look weirdly alike? Might one of the contestants start flirting with Jesse by accident?!

10 | We know The Cleaning Lady‘s Thony was in a pinch to save her sleazy boss after Fiona punched him, but did she really not even attempt to sterilize the utensils she used… which had been lying on the floor of a Las Vegas wedding venue?

Rob Lowe Lone Star Hair11 | We just have one question about Rob Lowe’s hair in this scene from 9-1-1: Lone Star: Uh… How?!

12 | On NBC’s That’s My Jam, should Chance the Rapper have gotten any points for correctly guessing “Y.M.C.A.” based not on Joseph Gordon Levitt’s tuba playing, but on Levitt using his free arm to form the letters?

13 | OK, This Is Us…. Wouldn’t the arrest of the man who broke into city councilman Randall’s home have warranted a phone call from the police, not just an email? How did the rabbit-eared TV in that 1986 classroom receive a live feed to cable network CNN? Have they dialed down Mandy Moore’s old age makeup when Rebecca should be looking her oldest yet? And yes, reboots are all the rage, but a Manny revival after just five years?? (And potentially even less time than that, since the sitcom continued for some time with new lead Morris Chestnut?) Finally, was the show’s dig at Treat Williams unjustified? (He is in a long-running Hallmark series!)

14 | Grand Crew Echo KellumWere you as startled as Noah’s friends when Echo Kellum’s Grand Crew character showed up with straightened hair, which is such an atypical look for Arrow‘s former Curtis?

15 | Did Judge Steve Harvey not only tell the defendant he should keep secrets from his wife but admit that he does the same? And could the show be any less overt in its attempt to make “And that’s the way I see it!” Harvey’s catchphrase?

16 | New AmsterdamOn New Amsterdam, was the bus driving behind Max and Helen in London with a “new beginnings” sign a bit too on the nose?

17 | On Chicago Fire, was Stella’s explanation for why she didn’t respond to Severide’s calls/messages kind of weak?

18 | Do you think Chicago P.D.‘s Ruzek has back pain from sleeping on the couch for so many months?

Boba Fett Hutt Twins19 | In The Book of Boba Fett, given how long that train sequence was and how fast it was going, how very far away from their camp did Boba and the Tuskens end up?? Also, was the female Hutt’s tiny handheld fan possibly making any kind of dent in her sweat?

20 | In the season premiere of The Amazing Race (which was filmed before the pandemic hit), was it refreshing or depressing to see the racers having so much mask-less fun?

21 | The ConnersDid The Conners jump forward in time and not tell anyone? How else do you explain Becky and Emilio’s daughter Beverly Rose suddenly being (at least) 4 years old?

22 | We know And Just Like That…‘s Seema blessed it as “cultural appreciation,” but didn’t the sight of Carrie dressed in a sari and walking down her apartment steps to blaring Indian music approach Sex and the City 2 levels of cringe?

23 | On SVU, where was Velasco? Couldn’t he have shared the burden so that maybe Olivia & Co. didn’t have to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

24 | On Ghosts, did Pete’s sudden crush on Alberta come out of nowhere?

25 | If Bull this season hadn’t already written out Benny, would you frankly be up for a TAC team shake-up triggered by Marissa’s resignation?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!