Yellowstone Deathwatch: Who Won't Survive the Finale to See Season 5?

yellowstone season 4 finale rip monica dies

You can all but see the buzzards circling overhead, can’t you? As Season 4 of Paramount Network’s Yellowstone nears its Sunday, Jan. 2, conclusion (8/7c), death is in the air. How could it not be, after Beth promised to kill Jamie, Garrett vowed to keep going after the Duttons, and that lone wolf ominously shadowed Kayce all the way to his family’s new home? It feels less like a question of whether someone will kick the bucket but who.

Offing a Dutton is pretty much out of the question, if you ask us. Between ’em, John and Kayce have drawn fire more often than targets at a shooting range (and lived to tell). Beth couldn’t even be taken down by her whole office being blown up. And Jamie… well, if series creator Taylor Sheridan did away with him, who would everybody have to hate on?

A likelier candidate is Jamie’s biodad, a character so remorselessly evil, his killer would likely get a medal, not a jail sentence. Or, if Garrett sensed that Jamie’s babymama Christina might ultimately be more of a problem than a solution — already, she’s suggested cutting Pop out of the family album — we could easily picture him arranging for an “unfortunate accident” to befall her.

Speaking of moms, is anyone else worried about Tate’s? She revealed to Kayce that she’s pregnant again the very same evening that that wolf started eyeballing him once more. Coincidence? Doubtful. We also don’t buy that it’s a coincidence that “hot tamale” Avery just happened to turn back up this season to profess her unrequited love to Kayce.

In other words, we have a hunch Sheridan was setting up Kayce’s rebound romance.

yellowstone season 4 finale rip monica diesFinally, there’s a possibility that’s too… Well, it’s just… No, we can’t even type it. But we must. What if [Gulp] this year’s casualty turns out to be [Gulp again]… Rip? He did warn Beth in Season 4’s penultimate episode that eventually, something most assuredly was going to happen to him. Moreover, his passing would completely upend life at the Yellowstone, shatter young Carter, with whom he’d only just started to bond, and as for his fiancée… she’d be destroyed. Even contemplating the possibility of a mere breakup with Rip left her portrayer Kelly Reilly thinking that such a loss “would probably cut off the last link to her humanity.”

What do you think, Yellowstone fans? Could Rip be in danger? Monica? Someone else? Or will Season 4 cross the finish line without leaving anyone’s life hanging in the balance?