Year in Review

2021 in Review: Underrated Actors, Saddest Cancellation, Most Improved Series, Lamest Cameo and More

Best Worst TV Moments 2021

Thus far in TVLine’s Year in Review, we’ve been looking at the big picture: The very best shows! The most jaw-dropping plot twists! The TV performance that outshined them all!

But now, we’re going a bit more granular.

In the attached photo gallery, we’re awarding some very specific superlatives to the TV of the past 12 months, singling out 2021 highlights like the best episodes of a drama or comedy, the most underrated performances, our guiltiest small-screen pleasures and our favorite new characters on established series.

Of course, not every series made the nice list this year, and a few of our awards might be slightly less coveted: Which TV character’s death was most unnecessary? Who appeared all too briefly for the year’s lamest cameo? And which on-screen couple’s chemistry fizzled instead of sizzled?

You’ll find our answers to those questions in the attached gallery (click here for a direct link), but be sure to drop a comment below and weigh in on our picks or add your own! And if your craving for minutiae isn’t yet satisfied, good news: Part 2 of our round-up awards will drop on Wednesday, Dec. 22.

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