9-1-1 Fall Finale Shocker: Is [Spoiler] Really Leaving the 118?

9-1-1 Eddie Leaving

9-1-1‘s festive fall finale gifted viewers with a dramatic cliffhanger — one we’d already like to return. (Can’t we just go back to the time that elf mistook Buck and Eddie for Christopher’s fathers? Best Christmas ever!)

A stark contrast to that magical bygone holiday, Monday’s episode found Eddie at a crossroads. When Christopher expressed his fear that this could be Eddie’s last Christmas — and given his father’s recent track record, not to mention what happened to poor Shannon, you can’t exactly blame the kid — Eddie was forced to confront the realities of his job, and whether it was worth putting his son through so much pain.

After weighing his options over the course of the hour, Eddie ultimately decided: “I think I have to make a change. I’m leaving the 118.”

First Michael, now Eddie — the characters on this show are dropping like flies! Never mind the fact that Chimney and Maddie are still M.I.A. And we can’t be the only ones who thought we’d see more of Albert this season.

But is Eddie really leaving? Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until the show’s fifth season resumes in March 2022.

Also worth discussing…

* On a slightly more encouraging note, although Buck spent most of the episode stressing out about what to get Taylor for Christmas, he ultimately landed on the perfect gift — a distress beacon, so he can always come to her rescue. Well, she thought it was the perfect gift, anyway. And that’s really all that matters.

* This week’s subplots included two women who discovered that they’re married (with children!) to the same man, a husband who accidentally destroyed his apartment building with a way-too-big Christmas tree, a lonely older woman who repeatedly called 9-1-1 just to have someone to talk to, and an office romance that took an unfortunate turn. (Anyone familiar with that iconic L.A. Law scene likely predicted the poor woman’s fall down the elevator shaft.)

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