La Brea Creator Stands by Decision to Not Get Bogged Down by Minutia

La Brea

If NBC’s La Brea has ever left you wondering when and how Eve managed her first wardrobe change upon landing in 10,000 B.C…. who finally got the Jeep started (and how)… or from where Scott and Veronica got that very handy cow harness… know that that is a feature, and not a bug, of the freshman NBC drama.

Glossing over such small details in the service of a greater good is “certainly” by design, La Brea creator and co-showrunner David Appelbaum told TVLine ahead of the Season 1 finale (airing Tuesday at 9/8c). Over a compact, 10-episode season, “We don’t want to waste too much time in the minutia of how did this happen and how did that happen.”

“A lot of the fun of the show is moving story forward and having momentum,” he continued. And while puzzling over, say, how all the items in a wardrobe trailer stayed on their racks after tumbling down a massive Los Angeles sinkhole can be “fun,” “getting into the nitty gritty details can get a little boring,” he said.

“We do always think about questions like that,” Appelbaum noted, “but we don’t get hung up on them and make the story rest on them. We’re more into pushing the story forward.”

And yes, Appelbaum is seeing and greatly enjoying viewer reaction to the fall’s top-rated (and already-renewed) freshman drama — nitpicks and all.

“I do” check in on the discourse, he said. “Also, other writers and friends will send me fun tweets that are happening during the show, so I’m definitely aware of what people are saying online. One of the pleasures of doing this is you work on something so long, it’s fun to see how the audience is reacting to certain things.”

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