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Succession's Sarah Snook on Filming Shiv's Wild Dancing Scene: 'Someone Said, 'You've Just Become a GIF''

Succession Shiv Dancing Season 3 Episode 7

Ladies and gentleman, we may have just witnessed the most iconically awkward TV dance since Elaine Benes.

This week on Succession, Kendall threw himself a ridiculously over-the-top birthday party, and his sister Shiv — who’s been repeatedly knocked down the corporate ladder by her dad Logan in recent weeks — decided to let off a little steam by having a drink and hitting the dance floor. Joining a bunch of strangers, she took off her shoes and thrashed her body around in a wild display. “She’s just getting the demons out, I guess,” Greg observed, and Roman later teased her, “I heard it looked like a cry for help.” (Read our full recap of the episode here.)

The cast and crew knew Shiv’s shimmy would be a big hit even as they were filming it, Sarah Snook tells TVLine: “I think I heard ‘cut,’ and someone said, ‘You’ve just become a GIF.'” The actress adds that she poured a bit of her own pent-up pandemic frustrations into the scene: “At that point, I hadn’t been out to a bar or a club for over a year, so being able to dance anywhere at that point through the pandemic was a gift. So a lot of that is me letting my frustrations out, and also a lot of that is Shiv venting her frustrations at her brothers. But it was a lot of fun.”

Succession fans, drop your thoughts on Shiv’s dance moves — and predictions for the final two episodes — in the comments.

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