New Amsterdam Boss on Lauren and Leyla's [Spoiler]: 'It's What Bloom Deserved, Unfortunately'

New Amsterdam Lauren/Leyla

While Max and Helen are following their joy, another New Amsterdam couple is in the throes of heartache.

In this Tuesday’s fall finale, Leyla confronted her girlfriend, Dr. Lauren Bloom, about the fact that she made a sizable donation to the hospital, paving the way for the creation of a fifth residency slot for Leyla. Lauren argued that she wanted to give Leyla the opportunity that she deserved while trying to keep them together. But Leyla didn’t see it that way.

“You didn’t do this for us. You did this for yourself,” Leyla replied. When Lauren said she loves her, Leyla responded, “No, you tried to own me. You bought me. That’s not love.” With that, she walked away.

New Amsterdam Spoilers“We hated to do it. We hated writing it. We hated filming it,” executive producer David Schulner admits to TVLine. “We love them together. But Bloom needed to pay the consequences for doing something behind Leyla’s back [which was] morally questionable. So we had to give Bloom her comeuppance. None of us liked what we had to do, but it’s what Bloom deserved, unfortunately.”

When the series returns on Tuesday, Jan. 4, Lauren and Leyla will not be in any better of a place. “Their situation becomes so much more complicated now that this is out,” Schulner previews, “and going forward, it takes some pretty unexpected turns that both bring them together and pull them apart, simultaneously. So it’s a really incredible ride.”

While the dissolution of Lauren and Leyla’s relationship hasn’t been an easy thing to write or watch, Schulner is quick to praise star Janet Montgomery, who “knocks it out of the park” as Lauren Bloom, the EP raves. “Janet brings such vulnerability to Bloom that we haven’t seen in a really long time, if ever — the kind of depth of despair and vulnerability.”

New Amsterdam fans, what are your hopes for Lauren and Leyla? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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