Outlander Season 6: New Opening Sequence Teases Tumultuous Era for Claire and Jamie — Watch Video

Well well well, look who’s ready to siiiiiiiing us a soooooooong once more?

On Thursday, Starz gave Outlander viewers a wee treat by releasing the opening title sequence ahead of the show’s upcoming Season 6. And in addition to tweaking the version of “The Skye Boat Song” that plays at the start of every episode — like the show has done many times before — we get a bunch of clues as to what’s ahead this season.

Those who’ve read A Breath of Snow and Ashes, the Diana Gabaldon novel on which Season 6 is based, will be able to tie some of the visuals in the sequence to events in the book. And because Droughtlander has felt so very long this year in particular, how about we break down everything we can see, aye? (And if you don’t want to know things that happened in the book and that may verra well take place in the TV show, just cue up the video above and enjoy your day!)

As the credits play, we see:

* The lantern dancers who’ve been in the credits forever

* A bald eagle (‘Murica!)

* Muddy Claire legs as she runs from her destiny, circa Season 1

* Jamie riding out of the stables on a white horse

* Target practice at Fraser’s Ridge, which is far more built-up than it was the last time we visited

* Someone (Roger?) trudging uphill in snow to what looks like a half-built church

* A Native American, or possibly Young Ian?, sitting near a fire

* A gorgeous lake shot

* A woman holding a man’s hand; he appears to be behind bars (This is likely Claire and Tom Christie, right?)

* Jamie’s naked and scarred back, with Claire’s hand caressing it, while they have some alone time

* A little boy (an aged-up Jemmy, if I had to put money on it) with a carved wooden airplane, running

* Claire packing heat as she rushes out of the big house

* Marsali (?) spinning at a wheel

* Fergus enjoying a dram by the fire

* Brianna proudly striking a match

* Roger praying

* Claire & Co. riding horses by the ocean

Outlander will return on Sunday, March 6, 2022 at 9/8c. Until then, press PLAY on the video above and then hit the comments with your thoughts!