The Voice Top 13 Results-Show Recap: Did the Right Acts Sing for the Save?

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First things first: a big thank-you, Voice-cap readers, for the spirited debate that followed Monday’s post.

If you missed it, you can get up to speed here. But in a nutshell, I admitted that while I wholeheartedly admired Wendy Moten’s technical excellence, I didn’t necessary sense a lot of connection between her and the songs that she sings. Some of you had noticed that, too; others thought I was out of my pumpkin-spice mind.

And it was great. I never take offense to being told I’m wrong. Heck, I often am. Plus, music is subjective. Rarely will the same performance hit two of us exactly the same way, so it’s ripe for discussion, disagreement and analysis. That’s part of the fun, right? So thanks, all, for playing along. Let’s do it again sometime. Say, what are you doing right now?

Hope you’ve got a few moments carved out, because Tuesday’s episode of The Voice whittled down the Top 13 to the Top 11. First, though, we were treated to a performance of “Don’t You Worry ’Bout a Thing” by Team John Legend (which, top to bottom, was nothing short of astounding — wow to the nth) and a performance of John’s “U Move, I Move” by Team Kelly Clarkson (also stunning — damn! These numbers had to have been sweetened in the mix, no? I’m going to jump out of these parentheses now).

Then, in the moment(s) of truth…

SAVED BY AMERICA’S VOTE (in Chronological Order)
Girl Named Tom (Team Kelly)
Jershika Maple (Team Legend)
Holly Forbes (Team Ariana) — hmm… really?
Wendy Moten (Team Blake)
Hailey Mia (Team Kelly)
Joshua Vacanti (Team Legend)
Jim and Sasha Allen (Team Ariana)
Paris Winningham (Team Blake)
Jeremy Rosado (Team Kelly)
Lana Scott (Team Blake)


Shadale (Team Legend), “Breathe” — Grade: C | Yikes. There was no sweetening in the mix on this number, that’s for sure. From the jump, Shadale was off. She recovered somewhat and even landed one of those magnificent runs that qualifies as a marathon, but I feared the damage was done. She needed to deliver “OMG!” and just gave us “Oh, gee.” Who could blame her? Poor thing looked crestfallen and defeated throughout the whole show.

Gymani (Team Kelly), “Sweet Love” — Grade: B | OK, this was a far better effort than poor Shadale’s. Gymani didn’t sing with any of the warmth that we associate with Anita Baker’s hit, but I dug her in-your-face raspiness. She even scatted. I had a feeling at this point that the Instant Save was hers to lose.

Ryleigh Plank (Team Ariana), “Dangerous Woman” — Grade: C+ | When Ryleigh started, I thought, “Huh, maybe Gymani doesn’t have this in the bag.” I’m not a big Ryleigh fan at all, but this was way better than her effort Monday night. (Which, I know, was setting the bar low.) Later in the number, though, she devolved into pitchy screeching. Whether Gymani would win the Save, she definitely should’ve.

SAVED BY AMERICA’S VOTE | Gymani (Team Kelly) — yay!

ELIMINATED | Shadale (Team Legend), Ryleigh Plank (Team Ariana)

So, your take on the results? After you vote in the poll below, you’ll find that the comments section is now accepting fresh observations. Also stale ones; it isn’t picky.

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