Yellowstone Recap: Unhappy Trails

yellowstone recap season 4 episode 3 jimmy leaves

How is Yellowstone like a runaway stallion? Once it gets started, there ain’t no slowing it down! Case in point: Sunday’s “All I See Is You.” In the span of an hour, we got a bittersweet goodbye that was heavy on the bitter, a trip to the train station and what for two couples sure looked like the beginning — maybe even the middle? — of the end. Oh, and there was a massacre, too! Saddle up, and we’ll go over every twist of plot…

‘YOU’RE LUCKY I DON’T DRILL A HOLE IN THE SIDE OF THAT BARN, TAKE IT FOR A RIDE’ | As the episode began, Kayce, Rip & Co. laid waste to the militia that had attacked the Duttons. Back at the ranch, the only thing that distracted anyone from Travis’ arrival with John’s impressive team of horses was talk of Jimmy’s banishment to the Four Sixes. Mia hated the idea of her boyfriend going to Texas. “Everything in that place is trying to bite you, sting you or stick you,” she noted. Well, he countered, it wasn’t like he’d had any choice in the matter. Of f—king course he did, Mia argued. He could’ve chosen her over his Yellowstone “family.” She was so pissed that she wouldn’t even talk to him again before Travis drove off with Jerry Jimmy in tow. Mind you, this didn’t necessarily mean either that Jimmy and Mia were over or that he was gone for good. John suggested that the screwup see his time in the Lone Star State not as a punishment but an opportunity. If Mia loved him, she’d still be at the Yellowstone when he returned. When would that be? “When you’re ready,” said John. And who decided when he was ready? “You do,” said John. Now go forth and conquer.

yellowstone recap season 4 episode 3 jimmy leaves‘WHAT’S HE GONNA DO, JUST LIVE UNDER THE F—KING BED?’ | At Kayce’s office, he was visited by a rancher named Emmett who’d had to start expensively trucking his steer out to graze because new neighbor Ralph had put cattle guards on the easement through his land. Kayce’s solution? He drove out to Ralph’s llama ranch, rammed through the gate, roughed up the owner and — yikes — locked him in one of his cattle guards in hopes of making a good neighbor of him. But if Kayce was in an especially foul mood, you could kinda understand it, given the fact that Monica and Tate were still so shellshocked in the wake of the militia’s attack that they didn’t leave their room for dinner. Heck, Tate wouldn’t even come out from under the bed. So Kayce dragged him out by his feet. “Your biggest fear already came,” Dad assured him, “and you beat it.” As for Monica, Kayce suggested that the boy wasn’t scared, “it’s you who’s making him scared.” Monica wasn’t having it, though. She’d begged Kayce not to bring her and Tate to that evil place, and look at them now. “I hate you,” she had to admit to her husband.

yellowstone recap season 4 episode 3 jimmy leaves‘YOU LOOK LIKE A KID IN A TOY STORE WHO FORGOT HIS ALLOWANCE’ | When Beth sprung Carter from work to take him shopping, Rip warned her not to spoil him. “You treat him like a pet, and that’s what you’re gonna get — a pet and not a good one.” Though her response was “I love you, but f—k you,” his words rang in her ears when the boy begged her to get him a fancy cowboy shirt. As she forcibly removed said shirt, a woman called it child abuse and began filming Beth with her phone. Do I need to tell you that Beth smashed it? “That is destruction of personal property. Assault is next,” she hissed. “You ready to see that?” The woman was not ready. Headed back to the Yellowstone, Beth let Carter in on one of life’s great truisms: There are only four ways to get rich. Inherit money, steal it or outwork everybody. When Carter asked what option No. 4 was, Beth told him it was “Learn how to suck a d—k like you lost your car keys in it.” Hard to top a kicker like that, right? But the kid did it. “Is that how you got rich?” he replied so impishly that, if it was possible, Beth fell even harder for him. That night, when Rip asked his fiancée if she’d had a one-shot or a two-shot day, she admitted that it had been “a pour-the-bottle-in-a-bucket kinda day.” She needn’t worry, though; he’d make a man of Carter as long as one thing remained clear to her: “He’s not our son, no matter what he becomes. He’ll never be that. Nobody will.” Pensive, Beth was sure that the day was coming that Rip would resent her for that.

yellowstone recap season 4 episode 3 jimmy leaves‘THIS IS AS EVEN AS IT’S GONNA GET’ | Finally, John took a meeting in the middle of nowhere with Rainwater and Mo, who showed him a picture of the inmate who’d ordered the attack on the Duttons. There was more, but “if I show you,” said the chief, “then it’s your trash to take out.” Naturally, John still wanted to see, so the Native Americans revealed that they had in their possession “party planner” Jesse, who insisted that his former cellmate was the one who’d received the hit order, then he himself had contacted the militia. But for whom? (Are we really not to think it had been Roarke on behalf of Market Equities? Garrett wouldn’t have the money to order a hit that big… unless Jamie really was in on it. Hmm… ) That night, John drove Jesse to the train station. Since he couldn’t bring himself to shoot the scumbag in the back of the head as Jesse had so many people, he instead untied him and challenged him to a shootout. “Care to send me to heaven,” John asked, “before I park your sorry ass in hell?” Do I need to tell you who emerged victorious in the shootout? Didn’t think so. Heck, Jesse was even kind enough to take a step backwards with every shot so that, in the end, he fell right off the cliff.

So, what do you think? Will Mia wait around for Jimmy? Are Kayce and Monica as good as done? On your way to the comments, check out Kelly Reilly’s preview of the November 21 episode — and beyond.

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