Succession Recap: Blood on the Beach

Succession Season 3 Episode 4 Logan

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Succession‘s Kendall and Logan put aside their differences to woo a jittery investor this week — or pretended to, at least.

Kendall is riding high, watching news coverage of the FBI raid at Waystar’s offices. He doesn’t even mind that Logan has called Greg in for a meeting. (Greg assures him he’s “a sturdy birdie,” after all.) Ken phones into a Waystar executive meeting and thanks Shiv for the kind letter she sent out trashing his reputation. Frank chimes in to say that the raid has investors spooked, and a big fish named Josh Aaronson is thinking of defecting to Sandy and Stewy. Josh wants to get Kendall and Logan in a room together to hash things out, and they don’t have much time; there’s a big shareholder meeting in four days. Kendall hesitates, and Logan barks at him to just come and “behave appropriately.” Kendall hangs up on them — and Logan starts scheming to put pressure on the President to get the feds to back off: “I need leverage.”

Succession Season 3 Episode 4 GregGreg sits down for a meeting with Logan — this really feels like a lamb being fed to a lion — and he orders a rum and Coke to steady his nerves. (That drink is so Greg, somehow.) Logan warns him that his position at Waystar “could become complicated” if he keeps associating with Kendall, but Greg sticks up for himself: “What’s it worth, in terms of the ‘me’ of it all?” Logan tells him to figure out what he wants and come back. Hey, that’s a victory for Greg in our book. Plus, Roman schemes to bury Kendall’s rep even further by tracking down a homeless guy they once paid to get his initials tattooed on his forehead… and he gets jealous when Gerri mentions she has a lunch date.

Kendall consults with Frank, who reminds him that they can’t let Sandy and Stewy win. So Kendall reluctantly agrees, and he and Logan jet off — in separate planes, of course — to meet Josh at his luxe island getaway. Once he lands, Kendall speeds off to Josh’s without waiting for Logan, giving him a Road Runner “meep meep” as he leaves. Meanwhile, Shiv pushes Tom to get ATN’s Hannity-esque primetime commentator to trash the President, but Tom is too busy comparing prisons like he’s choosing a college. (They’re calling him “Terminal Tom” at work, “because I’ve got cancer of the career.”) Connor pops up to tell Shiv: “I think I need me some pie here.” (Ugh, why is he always so gross?) He may be shelving his presidential bid and wants a cushy position at Waystar. Shiv offers him a spot at their food network Gourmando, but that’s not enough pie for Connor, apparently.

Succession Season 3 Episode 4 Josh Aaronson Adrien BrodyWe meet Josh — hey, Adrien Brody! — and Kendall tries to win him over before Logan arrives: “I’m better than my dad, but my dad is still better than Sandy and Stewy.” When Logan gets there, he and Kendall have an awkward hug and hello. Josh has “concerns” about them, and though Logan reassures him that it’s all just short-term “turbulence,” Josh wants them all to take a walk down to the beach. (When he leaves them alone together, they just stand in silence.) Both father and son try to convince Josh they can coexist at the top of Waystar’s totem pole. As Kendall puts it, “the Beatles put out some of their best s–t while they were suing each other.” But when Josh asks Kendall to “backpedal a little” and embrace Logan publicly, Kendall refuses. He also won’t reveal what evidence he has against Logan, but the old man is “implicated,” he insists.

Roman meets with the homeless forehead-tattoo guy… but alas, he got the tattoo removed. After a close examination of the guy’s forehead, Roman asks if he has any photos of the tattoo — and offers him a cool million dollars for them. Tom checks in with Greg, who tells him he’s asking to work in parks as operations director in exchange for coming to Logan’s side. Tom giggles: Greg will be running a theme park, and he’ll be behind bars. He tells Greg the story of Nero and his beloved peon Sporus, who he had castrated and made into his wife, before adding: “I’d castrate and marry you in a heartbeat” (!!!). Then he tries to wrestle Greg — “Let’s fight like chickens” — but when Greg resists, Tom lashes out at him and says he was just joking. And later with Shiv, Tom starts to panic after looking at prison blogs: “How late can I read? When is lights out?” Yep, pretty safe to say this guy is falling apart.

Succession Season 3 Episode 4 KendallBack on the beach, Kendall and Logan sit down for a meal with Josh, who wants to heal the rift between dad and son. Logan goes into sales mode, telling him this will all end with him back in charge, and that Kendall is “a good kid” who could run Waystar someday: “Maybe it’ll be him one day… maybe he’s the best one of all of them.” Josh seems to buy it, especially after Logan agrees to a little financial sweetening for him. But the proud-dad act fades once Josh walks away, with Logan taunting his son that Greg has come over to the dark side: “You’re on your own now… Face it, son: You lost.” But it’s Logan who’s losing his breath as they make the long walk back to Josh’s mansion. He waves off Kendall’s offers of help, but he finally stumbles and has to take a seat while Josh calls for a doctor.

Shiv takes matters into her own hands and confronts that ATN commentator herself, ordering him to go after the President. When the commentator threatens to go public and embarrass them, Shiv laughs it off: “We don’t get embarrassed.” The commentator caves, and a recovering Logan delights when he gets an angry phone call from the Oval Office. Roman gets the photo of the homeless guy’s tattoo — “Dad’s gonna give me my bedtime bath” — and calls Kendall to rub it in: “We’re hearing you took an old man to die in the sun.” It was just heat exhaustion, Ken says, but the damage is done. Roman tells him Josh is out, and he has “zero faith” in Waystar’s leadership. And just then, Kendall spots Josh… hugging it out with Stewy.

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