The 100 Prequel Not Moving Forward at The CW, After 2 Years in Development

The 100 Prequel Update

The 100‘s prequel spinoff has been 86’d.

Sources confirmed for TVLine on Friday evening that The CW is not moving forward with the lonnnnng-gestating offshoot, which was first put into development more than two years ago and likely would have been titled The 100: Second Dawn.

As recently as May, CW boss Mark Pedowitz said the prequel project “is not done in any way, shape or form. The discussions are still happening.”

TVLine has reached out to Warner Bros. TV to see if there are any plans to shop the prospective series to other outlets.

Set 97 years before the events of The 100, the potential spinoff was introduced through a backdoor pilot in the original series’ final season. That episode introduced viewers to Cadogan’s daughter Callie (played by Iola Evans) and son Reese (played by Adain Bradley), each of whom hold vastly different opinions about their father. Leo Howard, who played a young musician named August in the backdoor pilot, was recently made a series regular on The CW’s Legacies.

TVLine readers gave that backdoor pilot episode an average grade of “A-.”

The 100 boss Jason Rothenberg shared some of his ideas for the actual prequel series with TVLine, including “Lost-style flashback episodes” to pre-apocalypse times, as well as a plan to get the characters up to space at some point. “Clarke’s great, great, great grandparents are up there on the Ark,” he noted. “Same with Bellamy, Raven and all the characters. I have a plan to get us up there and meet the ancestors. If we’re lucky enough to tell that story, we’ll meet Great Great Grandpappy Blake.”

Are you sorry to hear that The 100 spinoff’s number is up? (Had you forgotten is sort of existed?) 

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