Queens Sneak Peek: Eve, Brandy and Swizz Beatz Tee Up Brianna and Naomi's Rap Battle for the Ages

Queens star Eve had one request for series creator Zahir McGhee. “I said, ‘Z, we can’t have no wack-ass music,'” she recalls in a new, exclusive behind-the-scenes video featuring a sneak peek of tonight’s episode (ABC, 10/9c). “‘I can’t be a part of that.'”

Fortunately for Eve — and us — McGhee’s plan for the show included bringing rap and hip-hop legend Swizz Beatz on as executive music producer, which gave the drama its signature sound and led to scenes like the epic Naomi-Brianna rap battle that will unfold tonight. (“As soon as I heard his name, I was like, ‘We’re fine,'” Eve says with a laugh.)

As we get a look at the showdown between Professor Sex and Xplicit Lyrics, Brandy waxes enthusiastic about making a longtime dream come true — “Rapping on the show is definitely filling a void,” she says — and Velazquez pays homage to the power of ’90s music.

The episode’s official synopsis reads: “After a bad concert review, the women come to terms with the fact that their old image and music no longer serve them; and while Naomi struggles to maintain creative control, Brianna argues for a more collaborative group effort. Meanwhile, Eric takes Valeria out to dinner and dancing in hopes of inspiring her creativity. Later, Naomi gets a second chance to prove herself to JoJo.” And if you look very closely in the video at the top of the post, you can get a hint at something big that happens to Naughton’s Jill during the hour.

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