9-1-1 Recap: Buck and Eddie's Hostage Crisis Concludes With a Killer Twist

9-1-1 Recap

Monday’s 9-1-1 was a total riot… of the prison variety, that is.

This week’s episode sent the 118 to a nearby state prison, where an inmate revolt (still very much in progress!) resulted in multiple fires throughout the facility. But what began as a fairly simple call quickly spiraled into chaos when the team discovered a pair of bloody inmates fighting for their life. While Buck and Eddie transported one of the inmates to a local hospital, Bobby and Hen brought the other to the prison’s infirmary for treatment.

Then came the big twist: the injured “inmates” were actually guards dressed to look like inmates, which meant that the two guards escorting Buck and Eddie’s ambulance were actually the two inmates responsible for organizing the prison riot. Christopher’s fathers suddenly found themselves taken hostage, though they were rightly surprised when the inmates actually agreed to take them to the hospital.

The police were awaiting their arrival, quickly getting the jump on one of the inmates, but the other — Mitchell (played by Supernatural‘s Mark Pellegrino) — was still holding Eddie hostage in the ambulance. (Side note: When Mitchell said “pretty boy stays with me,” did anyone else wonder to whom he was referring? Buck and Eddie both technically fit that description.)

We then learned that the reason Mitchell agreed to escort Buck and Eddie to the hospital was because his son Nolan was there waiting for a new heart, and Mitchell aimed to give him his. Unfortunately, prisoners apparently aren’t allowed to donate their organs — even to family members in need — so Mitchell opted for a slightly more unorthodox approach.

Eddie managed to coax Mitchell out of the ambulance by promising that Taylor could do a story about Nolan, which might pressure the governor to approve the heart donation. At last, it seemed like the worst was over… until Mitchell shot himself in the head. A panicked Buck arrived on the scene to find Eddie performing CPR on the corpse… because his heart was still alive, and Eddie aimed to keep it that way.

In the end, a judge agreed to a commutation, which allowed Nolan to receive Mitchell’s heart. (Don’t ask us to elaborate. We couldn’t if we wanted to.)

Also worth discussing…

* After assisting the prison doctor with a life-saving operation, Hen decided that she wants to become a general surgeon.

* Probie — sorry, Ravi — also stepped up big-time during the riot, disguising himself as an inmate to help Bobby execute a plan to gas out the prisoners. It was easily his roughest day yet, and he looked appropriately wrecked by the end of the episode.

Your thoughts on this week’s 9-1-1? Were you a little frustrated that Buck’s phone call from Maddie wasn’t even addressed? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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