9-1-1 Reveals Maddie's Location, But This Mystery Isn't Solved Just Yet

911 Recap Maddie

As if Chimney skipping town to look for Maddie wasn’t hard enough, Monday’s episode of 9-1-1 nearly cost the 118 another member of its team.

With his actual family in the midst of a crisis, Buck shifted every ounce of his energy towards his work family, much to the chagrin of poor put-upon Ravi (fka “Probie”). Nothing Ravi did was good enough to satisfy Buck, to the point where the guy had to hide under Bobby’s desk just to escape his overlord’s reign of handsome terror. It took him the entire hour to earn Buck’s seal of approval with some quick thinking at a meth lab explosion in a chapel under a retirement home (only on this show!), at which point he received an ominous “You’re ready.”

Ready for what, you ask? That’s a complicated answer, one that came by way of an unexpected pre-dinner speech: “I’ve really loved being a part of the 118 for these past five years,” Buck told everyone. “This place and you guys mean so much to me, Which is why for the good of everyone, I’ve decided I’m going to put in for a transfer.” (Uh, say what now?) “I know it’s a lot of change, but I really think that Probie — Ravi — is ready to fill the spot.”

The truth is, Buck just blamed himself for Chimney leaving, thereby throwing the firehouse into chaos. “Nothing is the same without him, and everything feels broken now, and it’s my fault,” he said, possibly quoting Evanescence lyrics. “I’m the reason he’s gone.” That’s when Buck’s fellow firefighters jumped in to explain that they all gave Chimney their blessing before he left town. Hen even volunteered to go with him. “He’s coming back, Buck — with Maddie,” they told him. “And when he does, you’re going to be right here where you belong.”

But this is still Buck we’re talking about, so the moment he finally felt like he had nothing to worry about… he received something to worry about. A middle-of-the-night phone call from Maddie jolted Buck and Taylor from their sleep — and she wasn’t happy. “Why is Chimney in Utah?” she asked, essentially providing a massive clue to her location. She promised Buck that she’s safe, but insisted, “I’m not ready. Not yet.” That’s when Buck heard familiar chimes in the background, leading him to his own conclusion about his sister’s disappearance: “I think I know where she is!”

Also worth discussing…

* With the effects of Jeffrey’s attack still wreaking havoc on the Grant family, Athena pressured Harry to speak up about his kidnapping on Monday’s 9-1-1 — and she did not like what her son had to say. “I only went through anything because of you two,” he told Michael and Athena. “Dad just stood there and let it happen, and Jeffrey was only there because of you. But you were too busy being a cop, too busy to protect me. That’s what she cares about. Being a cop. Jeffrey was right about you — you’re a terrible mother.” Without thinking, Athena responded to her son’s outburst by hitting him — a moment that left everyone in the room stunned, most of all Harry. Michael is also furious with Athena for getting physical with their son, which they promised they’d never do, leading Athena to feel like Jeffrey somehow won in the end.

* Claudette remained a thorn in May’s side at the call center this week, repeatedly taking over her calls without giving May the benefit of the doubt. When May used her own experience to connect with a suicidal caller, Claudette nearly cut her off for going against protocol — until she realized that May’s empathetic approach actually helped save the girl’s life. We’ve officially upgraded their relationship status to “workplace frenemies.”

What’s your reaction to the latest twist in Maddie-gate? We’ve got two weeks to wait for the next episode, so go ahead and drop a comment below with your thoughts on the season so far.

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