Grey's Anatomy/Station 19 Death Hits 'Close to Home' — Who Won't Survive the Series' Next Crossover Event?

With Halloween so close, we can taste it, you’ll forgive us, won’t you, for being so ghoulish as to ponder the identity of the character that ABC’s promo for its next Grey’s Anatomy/Station 19 crossover tells us flat-out will not survive.

The snippets from the back-to-back episodes airing Thursday, Nov. 11 (starting at 8/7c), seem to want us to believe that the soon-to-be-deceased is one of three people: Ben, who has gone incommunicado on wife Bailey even as an explosion rocks Seattle, Sullivan, whose estranged missus Andy is ominously informed of a second blast by fellow firefighter Travis, or little Farouk, whose mom Megan is seen breaking down in tears. (And you’ll recall, he was already approaching a medical crisis.)

But we all know that Station 19/Grey’s promos love nothing more than to dish out red herrings. So our hunch is that the character we’ll soon be losing is none of those three. Since the logline for Station 19 says that the explosion “changes the lives of our firefighters forever” — whereas the logline for Grey’s says only that there’s an “incoming trauma hitting close to home” — it feels safe to assume that the casualty in the making will be a firefighter.

But Ben? No. C’mon, he’s Ben, the station’s de-facto dad. Sullivan? Forget it. He’s just about to start using his raised profile to climb back up the ladder to captain (and, we’d wager, get involved with the SFD’s PR person). Farouk? Nah. Grey’s is clearly positioning Cormac to save the boy and, in the process, bond with Megan.

greys anatomy station 19 ben warren jack gibson diesSo who, then? Our money’s on Jack. Though it would be super satisfying to see Gibson finally find real love and start a family, he is at extremely loose ends, what with his last romance having ended and no new one on the horizon. His demise would cut short his life, yes, but it wouldn’t interrupt some big storyline already in progress (or, as far as we can see, in the works).

What do you think? Pick the character you suspect is about to be killed off in the poll below, then justify your pick — or write in an altogether different selection — in the comments.