Ghosts Sneak Peek: Halloween (and Ghostbusters) Bring Terror to the Spirits

Ghosts is scaring up a most frightening Halloween costume: a child dressed as a Ghostbuster.

In TVLine’s exclusive video from this Thursday’s holiday-themed episode (CBS, 9/8c), Sam and Jay (in Step Brothers outfits!) hand out candy to a trick-or-treater who both confuses and scares the spirits. Of course, not all the ghosts are familiar with the little boy’s costume, so Pete explains that it’s from a movie, then Trevor describes the plot of the classic Bill Murray film in very Trevor style: “He plays a scientist who’s trying to sleep with Sigourney Weaver and busts ghosts,” he says, eliciting terrified gasps from some of his ghostly pals.

While Isaac prepares a plan to stop the child vandals who egg the property every Halloween, Trevor, Alberta and Pete make their own plan to watch Ghostbusters. “I never saw it. It came out the year before I died, but you know how it is between work and family and getting shot in the neck with an arrow,” Pete jokes.

In case you missed the good news: The CBS comedy received a full-season order last week after just three episodes.

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