Did Blue Bloods' Frank Fumble Call? Was Supergirl Rude? Did The Resident's Time Jump Seem Bigger? And More Qs

Blue Bloods Season 12

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about dozens of shows including Succession, Only Murders in the Building, Chicago Fire and SEAL Team!

1 | Did you also cheer when My Name‘s Jiwoo beat down her high school bullies?

2 | If we’re being real, wouldn’t Blue Bloods‘ Frank — for all of the very good reasons that multiple advisors/family members cited — have taken the cushy, high-paying job with the NFL?

3 | Which CBS procedural couple has been spinning its wheels longer, stymied by the same obstacle over and over: SEAL Team‘s Sonny/Davis or S.W.A.T.’s Chris/Street?

4 | Succession fans, did you pause and comb through the new opening credits looking for clues about Season 3? (Like we did?) And do you wish Logan’s team had instead made camp in the Maldives, if only to see how the show approximated that idyllic locale?

5 | Upon being caught trying to steal food, why would Walking Dead: World Beyond grifter Percy drop it and run rather than take it and run? Wouldn’t absconding with the veggies be, like, Thieving 101? Also, where were Asha and Dev getting such perfect little flower arrangements with which to replace walkers’ eyeballs?

6 | Does Call the Midwife ever cast ugly babies? Over the course of 10 seasons, the babies just get cuter and cuter, right?

7 | Who do you think Chesapeake Shores‘ Abby called? It’s gotta be Evan, right?

8 | Which iconic ’80s/’90s Lothario is due for the biggest reckoning-via-revival: Night Court‘s Dan Fielding or L.A. Law‘s Arnie Becker?

9 | After Y: The Last Man‘s Nora confronted Roxanne about her past, why didn’t Roxanne just kill her? (It seemed like a bold move to threaten the cult leader without any possible insurance whatsoever for her own safety.) And was Roxanne leaving her PriceMax name tag literally on top of a pile of dead bodies maybe not the smartest decision ever? Lastly, would it have made any difference if the now-cancelled series had released the entire season at once?

NCIS Recap Gibbs Gone10 | NCIS fans, is one thing you were not prepared for how much Gary Cole sounds like Mark Harmon when barking out orders? And were you unexpectedly moved by geeky Royman Beesbo’s most unexpected reunion with the almost-mythical Helen?

11 | Couldn’t Ordinary Joe‘s Amy have at least confronted her rock-star husband about his lies before having sex with Bobby?

12 | Didn’t Only Murders in the Building‘s drugged, slurring Charles at times sound like Steve Martin’s “Ruprecht” character from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels?

13 | Did The NBA on TNT/Bleacher Report nail opening night with its nod to Succession… or are we just obsessed with Succession?

Resident Gigi14 | Wouldn’t you have guessed The Resident‘s time jump was six or seven years — and not “three years and change,” per EP Peter Elkoff — based on how old Gigi looked and acted? And for those who also watch New Amsterdam, did The Resident‘s immediate time jump make you appreciate the NBC drama’s decision to live in Max’s grief for a while?

15 | If Our Kind of People‘s Angela had designer dresses of her mom’s to sell to pay for Nikki’s cotillion, why didn’t she unload them sooner to get out of debt? And did Lauren’s grandmother really think she meant “happy” when she said she was gay? Or was that a joke?

16 | In addition to our own La Brea questions, TVLine reader Don wonders: Are Eve and her group about to expose an indigenous village to 21st Century diseases they have no resistance to?

17 | Shouldn’t Supergirl‘s Kara have resigned with a bit more tact than declaring, “I quit,” especially since Andrea had salvaged the important, bungled interview? (And let’s not get into the fact that ace reporter Kara would surely have a contract.)


18 | On The Bachelorette, did “ice cream” Ryan’s “notes” seem a little too easy for Tayshia and Kaitlyn to find? And wouldn’t the producers know about his script to make Michelle fall in love with him in advance? Also, why did LT think going sans pants was the move to make?

19 | On Queens, what blew you away more: Brandy’s rap and comedy skills, or that Brianna didn’t physically attack her husband and that woman?

20 | ChuckyIs Chucky‘s Lexy the meanest Mean Girl on TV right now? And seriously… who loads a dishwasher full of butcher’s knives like that?

21 | In the year 1925, how had Legends of Tomorrow‘s Al Capone already seen pictures of the Bullet Blondes if only hours had passed?

22 | Do you think Chicago Med‘s Crockett is going to romance guest star Sarah Rafferty or guest star Johanna Braddy?

23 | Chicago Fire fans, how perfect was the baby name (Brian/Otis!) for Cruz’s son?

24 | Did Shan’s backstory on Survivor tug on your heartstrings and make you want to root for her? And what are your early predictions for next week’s tribe swap?

25 | One of Us Is Lying finale spoiler alert! For those who watched and read the book, was getting rid of the questionable suicide plan story a smart move?

26 | Grey’s Anatomy viewer Lisa asks, “How did Tovah recover so quickly? I left the room for a minute, and suddenly she was awake and Addison was leaving.”

27 | The #SVU500 returnees we got (Pino, Tunie, Hermann and Florek) were great — but if you could choose one more series vet, who would you have liked to see return?

28 | Given how often Big Sky‘s Cassie and/or Jenny get shot at in cars, maybe they should look into only traveling in armored vehicles from now on?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!